Just sharing...

  1. my love of my popincourt long. I used it this weekend for the first time and it's really a cute hands-free bag. I just never see people with it either, but it's really practical when you have little kids.

    June 11 036 r.jpg
  2. Very cute - congrats!
  3. Glad you are loving your LV, that is always great to hear!
  4. It's very pretty. Congrats!
  5. Very nice :smile:
  6. this bag is so cute.
  7. pop long is so cute. its one of the overlooked bags but its such a cute shape.
  8. Great bag :smile: congrat's.
  9. cutie!
  10. That's great you're loving your bag. Enjoy!
  11. cute!!!!!
  12. Very nice bag. Happy for you!
  13. yay for popincourt long love! are you able to fit much in it?
  14. congrats!
  15. congrats!