Just send my pochette to be repaired... its going to be a long couple weeks.

  1. I just brought in my pochette for repairs today (tab was splitting). The very kind manager allowed me to exchange and brought out a few to show me but I noticed the canvas on mine had more luster than the new ones so I decided to forego the new pochette and just have them change the tab on mine. It's going to be a long 4-6 weeks I'm going to miss my pochette. How long did your repairs take?

    On a side note, did I make the right choice? :shrugs: I'm concerned that after the repairs, the tab (new white vachetta) won't match the original handstrap (beige) and it'll look funny when I carry it. They offered to exchange a new pochette ( it comes with a new hand-strap) but since Im getting a repair, they won't give me a new hand-strap. I'm not sure it makes sense since I'm saving them money by turning down a brand new bag. Either way, I was happy with the kind treatment. :yes:
  2. Can you change your mind is it too late? I probably would have taken the new bag. How old is your bag?
  3. I brought one of my bags in to have the straps replaced and I miss it too. :sad: Although I can't remember how many weeks ago I dropped it off...
  4. Please call the LV sa back and ask her to please have the factory match your vachetta. they did this for me approx 3 years ago for a speedy repair. Then they had vachetta in various stages at the factory. I understand what you mean about the softness and light sheen with used canvas, I would have done the same thing you did to keep the bag :smile:
  5. ^ Thanks everyone!! I feel better about it though I still have a little anxiety about how the repairs will turn out. I was reading old threads on repair and they really included some not so great stories. I'm keeping fingers crossed they'll do a great job~ I'll keep everyone updated.
  6. It wont be long befor you unite with it again.
  7. I would have exchanged pochettes....i cant stand not having my pochette....
  8. I would have taken the new one!