Just seen the emerald City IRL...

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  1. ...Hi girls, I'm back from a trip @ Luisa Via Roma and had a good look on Balenciagas. Judging from the place they out the B-Bags on display, I would say that right now the Chloes are more hyped. As for the beloved B-Bags, I saw also an orange Work, but *especially* the emerald City! Sigh.. my dream bag, so close to me and no cash to buy it! The color is much more bright in real life than judging from pics or color swatches. The leather is very shiny and still of the cracked quality. The bag was stuffed so I cannot judge the slouchiness but it looked a bit stiff to me (the tassles were quite straight). But tha *color*! D'oh, I must go and rob a bank!!
    After that, while I was cycling home, I also spotted a bronce First on a 16 yrs old girl. I was so envious and the bag looked legit :smile:

    I just wanted to share this experience with you guys..

    By the way, is there anybody who is selling a Granny Apple Green City at a decent price? I could jump on it!!
  2. Thanks for the feedback, Fraublucher! I hope you find an Apple Green City real soon!
  3. You saw a 16 year old with a bbag?? Wow, that is young :weird:
  5. CeeJay, FYI - I was at the Balenciaga store the other day and I asked the SA, Joseph, to show me a bag in the emerald color because none were on the floor. He brought one out. I believe it was the Work bag.
  6. That Emerald green must be soo pretty!
  7. The one in NYC?????? Supposedly, Gretta Luxe is getting it in for me, but I haven't heard yet. Unfortunately, as they are a smaller store, they usually get their "supply" a little later than the bigger retail stores (and obviously Balenciaga). Then again, if I get it from Balenciaga, I won't have to pay sales tax (but I will have to pay shipping - net/net I guess).
  8. It's worth a phone call. I'd ask for Joseph first. If he is not there Louie is also very helpful. The number is (212) 206-0872. Good luck!:P
  9. That was exactly my thought: "Wow, your mom bought you a B-Bag?!?" :amazed: I doubt she bought it with her pocket money!
  10. I am soooo jealous of that 16 yr old right now... :P
  11. cricket still has the green apple city on their website, maybe you should call the store:love: