Just scored the Hamptons Weekend Demi!!

  1. ..in black and a cutesy watermelon charm! :yahoo:

    i was originally attracted by the scribble, but it's cotton. i doubt that i'll make that little purse look like spanking new after a day. so i decided to go with the black one..

    but now im having second thoughts about it.. i should have tried the Carly Top Handle Pouch.. which is also cute and can hold tons of things.. what do you think ladies?
  2. I love anything Carly, so of course I'd say go for it! Hehe.
  3. I love the hamptons weekend stuff in black -- very durable and fun !
  4. They're so different. Which do you think you'd get more use out of? The Carly is adorable, but the Hamptons is probably a little larger . . .

    Love the watermelon charm too!
  5. I have the scribble and its really easy to clean. I got ink on my purse in the 1st week and dove soap and warm water took it right off. Bbay wipes do the trick too. I love my scribble.
  6. i might have to try the demi satchel at home.. walk around and check to see how it would look on me.. i didn't get a chance to try it on really well since i was on my lunch break.

    my mind was set to get the demi satchel that's why i didn't pay much attention to the carly not until i paid for my goodies..
  7. I love the Carly Demi - were you thinking the Demi or the pouch??? I think the pouch may be smaller than the hamptons.
  8. i got the hamptons demi. but im thinking of exchanging it for the carly pouch.

    if my digicam doesn't fit the demi, then i might have to return it. im thinking of using the purse for saturday when we go to Universal Studios.
  9. I have the carly top handle and it fits so much. So, I'd say that.
  10. How bout the GREEN Hamptons Demi (with that cute Watermelon charm)??!!!?! :yes:
  11. hmm. i've decided to keep the black hamptons demi. :yes:

    i'll take pics later and post it here. :smile:
  12. Congrats- can't wait to see the pics
  13. Congrats looking forward to pics!!
  14. oooopss. sorry, my pic is kinda delayed. anyhoo.. today i bought a mini skinny! i just can't resist the color. too cute to pass up! :heart:

  15. I love this one, you made a great choice! I wanted this bag but the strap is a little too short for my liking. I think it is the perfect size!