Just scored Princy satchel on Smartbargains..???

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  1. I need some expert opinions from the Gucci crew as I have not purchased Gucci in ages. I think I may have just scored a great deal but am a little confused. Smart bargains has had some Gucci styles on and off the site for a few weeks. Everytime I try to buy one they are sold out but today I think I got lucky but it is a little strange. I purchased (confirmed) a Gucci Princy Leather Satchel for $609.94 including shipping in black. The description says satchel but the picture looks like the tote so I am not sure what the heck I am getting. The measurements they give match the NM website as the large tote. My question is...either way, did I get a good deal? I think the retail price on the tote is about $1200 but am not sure on the satchel. Any input anyone? I think I may keep which ever one they send. Thanks for your help Gucci experts.
  2. You've a link?
  3. Well now it does not show on their website and, pardon my lack of computer savvy, but I probably could not figure out how to put up the link anyway.
  4. I think it retails around $1K or more, Gucci leather bags are quite expensive. Even if it has gone on sale, it would be 40% off. It sounds like a good deal to me.
  5. I am keeping my fingers crosssed...will post when it comes in...thanks.
  6. wow!! thats great. my mother swears by this site!!! she got me a movado for $500 and it retailed at $1100. so excellent deal
  7. good deal post pics when you get it. Ive been looking at that same tote on smart bargains.
  8. Wow, great deal!!! Post pics when you get her!
  9. Will do...I am still a little confused about what I am getting...I think it is the leather tote, not satchel. We will see.