Just saying hi, i'm new and asking for a few opinions

  1. hey, i've just joined, i'm a forum junkie and i though it was about time i joined a decent fashion forum, i want to be a designer one day, and i'm one of the biggest designer wh*res for my age (16), just thought i'ld inform u that i'm a guy and i know manolos are girl shoes (nickname)but i love all of the designs and my friends came up with the name for me cos im so cheeky and fashion obssesed
    i love vuitton, D&G and gucci, they are my fav brands at the moment, i have limited designer gear but with the encouragement of y'all it will grow, i have a lv wallet and ipod case (everything i have is real i dont believe in fakes) i have a few D&G and Versace shirts, bulgari sunglasses, and some oroton stuff (an australian semi-designer brand) and some other marc jacobs clothes and a few other things.
    my parents gave me a winter buget and i have $200 (aust) remaining i dont mind doubling or even trippling this but do u guys have any ideas of what i should/can get thats decent designer for circa $500 i was thinking burberry scarf but im open to ideas so spill
    thanks for caring
  2. Hello and welcome! Took me a minute to remember it's your winter there or will be soon...

    A Burberry scarf in cashmere is a wonderful classic, soft, warm and so comforting in winter. So many choices, lets see...do you have use for a LV Wapity case? I'm also loving LV Damier at the moment and thinking messenger bag for you but that would be way over budget.
  3. Ahh yes... the opposite season!! Well I am a huge Burberry fan and love my scarves from there. You can't go wrong in my opinion. That seems like a good investment to me!

    Welcome by the way!!!
  4. Hello and welcome , A burberry scraf sounds good
  5. How about another nice pair of sunglasses? It's getting so nice and sunny now.
  6. Hello naughtymanalo

    Welcome, Burberry anything sounds good to me.
  7. Hi and welcome..you will fit in perfectly with this forum.
    Be sure to check the WTS boards. There are great deals to be had! I just bought a Burberry Happy Scarf for $100 (thanks Kyliereese) and some cool Chanel shades for more then half off retail. Its our forums best kept secret! :smile:
    Welcome and I am looking forward to more posts!
  8. Hmmm, a Burberry scarf sounds good but I saw the D&G show for men's fall on FTV a couple of months ago, and I think I'd wait and see if there isn't something else. My hubby isn't a label-obsessed kinda guy and even he was impressed!
    Let us know what you decide though!
  9. Welcome to the forum!
  10. welcome to the forum!
  11. Welcome! I love burberry scarves! They are wonderful and so soft!
  12. Welcome! And I also think a burberry scarf is a classic! You can check on websites that are listed in this forum as authentic sellers (i.e. eLuxury, Bluefly, Net-A-Porter, etc.) to see if they have anything for sale.
  13. Welcome!...you'll love it here! How about a LV Muffler?!
  14. Welcome fellow Aussie! How about a Pringle scarf? I love those LV scarves ^ and you can never go wrong with Burberry. OK, I'm no help.
  15. hey thanks for replying to my post!! i had to go to church last night (i'm greek and our easter goes by the old calender so it was my good friday yesterday) so i'm not *****y and hate replying lol, it is getting chilly now with winter on the way but i did but the burberry scarf its the large half cashmere half wool and was $375 ive already worn it out twice im so excited and thatnks for all your opinons love ya