1. So what if they are pretty enough to hang on your wall as art? So what if they are the designer markdown of the century? If you can't walk in them easily, they are a total waste of MONEY! Ok, here's how to tell wheater a pair of heels will hobble you: First, Walk the length of the shoe departments ( like Saks or N.M.) Several times and look at yourself in a full-length mirror. Then get off that plush carpeting and hard floors are the true fit test. I remember that Manolo Blahnik, "you should be able to distribute your weight equally on the ball of your foot and your heel; that way you won't teeter." And don't let a ***** OR PUSHY saleperson rush you into buying shoes before you're sure. If you can't walk in a pair of heels in the store. You will be sunk once you get outside.
  2. Good advice ChaneloChanel!! I do not like heels over 3" . It's just not practical and they end up sitting in the closet unsued = waste of money.
  3. i can wear every and each heel out there so no problem at all with buying them
  4. LOL... :biggrin: I know it's a bit off topic... but I like ChaneloChanel's idea of pinning my beautiful shoes onto the wall as art. :biggrin: Someday when I increase my collection I may just put shelves on the wall to showcase my shoes... hehehhe...and one for bags too!
  5. I was thinking about that too! I was imagining all the shoes I would like to buy and arranging them around my room. :roflmfao:

    More on topic... I don't like to buy heels that are higher than 2.5"-3". I can walk in higher heels, but just barely.
  6. I used to think that I couldn't walk in really high heels but I think it depends on the shoes. I've recently bought my first pair of Manolos, which were about 3 1/2 - 4 '' and they are easy for me to walk in. Then again I've tried on some Guccis about that height there were impossible.
  7. Haha, I too would love to have my shoes shown around my room or in a big walk-in closet. My current walk-in is too small for this. :hrmm:
  8. I love heels! 3.5m - 4 is great for me. I don't dig mid-size heels. For me, they are not sexy at all. Either really high or completely flat!
  9. Same mentality here.
  10. I am right with you....a high heel does something miraculous for a woman's ass, I think!!! It just kind of lifts it all up!
  11. Doesn't do much for my ass if I'm falling on it....:P