Just saw this pic in the celeb thread.....

  1. And I will be puling out my white jumbo to wear immediately!!!

    How great does she look w/ white on white!!! :nuts::tup:

    I would have thought a white bag an white dress would be overkill but she looks great!! makes me want to pull out mine right away........

    Anyone know where i can get that dress? :yes:
  2. Sometimes it really helps to see someone else wearing a bag.:idea:

    I can't wait to pull mine out now......really.....its crazy!!:wlae:
  3. hehehe...you're too funny. she looks great here with her white jumbo. i'd love to know where she got her dress too.
  4. ^^ what do you wear your white jumbo with Iluvbags?
  5. I love that bag & white dress. Makes me want a white jumbo too.
  6. I wear my white jumbo all the time! It goes with everything in the summer.

  7. That's what's so funny. I've NEVER worn mine. :noggin:

    I'm a goof
  8. She looks gorgeous! I just bought the medium white classic flap because the jumbo just looked too BIG on me...maybe I should rethink that jumbo.:confused1:
  9. She looks very put together, you gotta love this looks!
  10. She does look hot in all white, where oh where did she get that dress? Designer anyone? TIA
  11. i know, right? the dress is just as amazing as the bag
  12. NO way!!! get it now and wear it around the house...heheheh. it's too gorgeous not to wear and specially now that's its summer. :wtf::nogood::smile:
  13. nicky always looks good carrying a jumbo
  14. WOW! nicky looks great..now i need her dress, her bag AND HER BODY! lol
  15. I am pretty sure she designed that dress for a clothing line of hers but I don't know the label name.