just saw this on e-bay - Yum!

  1. thanks jo. it does look quite nice and it's not a mulberry you'd see often. a laptop would definitely fit too. n folders. i too m wondering what it's called.
  2. Trevor, are you selling that? It's seriously gorgeous :biggrin:
  3. Yummy! I would bid on that in a heartbeat if only it were chocolate..... so sad! Gorgeous bag! Should bring lots of money!!!!!!!
  4. [​IMG]mmmmm!! Lovely!!! But sorry,no idea as to a name,maybe JazzyJay would know???
  5. ^^^ Jazzyjay knows everything-she most be part of the firm ? LOL!!
  6. nope not me. i meant thanks jo for letting me know about, because on my other thread i mentioned i'm looking for a bag that would make a suitable laptop bag. sorry for the confusion :p
  7. Oooh I see :smile: I'm hoping to get a briefcase for all my sheet music, but I'm hoping that it would fit a laptop too. If it does I want to get one for my boyfriend. I'm waiting for the summer sale though!
  8. LOL, Yes I do know what it is called! It's a geena. They made them in suede with leather trim also!
  9. Thanks jazzyjay!
  10. It is beautiful.
  11. The style of this bag is much nicer than a lot of the current mulberry bags
  12. Yay!!! Super Jaz!!!! Swoops in to save the day again!!! :heart:
  13. Wow, that is a great bag! Too bad I'm banned - or maybe that's a good thing as I don't need another bag :shame: