Just saw this in Lucky Mag

  1. I usually dont like the Crocs , although my DH loves it.
    And I saw this in Lucky Mag today and I might change my mind about the Crocs...What do you think of the Prima flats?

    Crocs Inc - prima

    And if I get one, which color should I get?
    This is probably the first purchase that my DH will allow.
  2. saw those at Dillard's Thurs. Tried on the black actually...Loved em and like you I am not a big fan of Crocs. As for which color, I liked them all. So I am no use to you...lol.
  3. i like it in black - looks less "plastic-y" and croc-y, if that makes any sense...lol...
  4. Just went to the mall and cant seem to find the flats anywhere!
  5. Im not a fan of closed toes shoes...but Im a BIG fan of croc flip flops!! (okay...Im of NO help!!) I would say black!
  6. They are cute.
  7. I know what u mean, i typically cannot stand the sight of crocs but these flats are so cute. I'm so gonna go out and get one now!!:heart:
  8. I'm not a croc fan at all, but these aren't bad. I bet they'd be really comfortable. I'd consider them as a "walking shoe"
  9. There are so many cute ballet flats out that I'd pass on these...but then I hate crocs with a passion.
  10. I have heard that the ballet crocs are not too comfy. Cute though!
  11. Wouldn't they be hot and sweaty?