Just saw this Blahnik...thoughts??

  1. I just saw this, I do not have any Blahnik shoes but have been dying for a pair. How do you like this?? Think I could wear this with a lot??
    Thanks Girls!!:flowers:
  2. personally, i do not like d'orsay style shoes, only because they have a tendency to slip off. other than that, it's not my favorite fabric pattern.
  3. I agree with randr21, it slip off more easily. I prefer the simple pump which is great for work and casual.

    With all the sale going on now, you probably will get great deals!
  4. I love them! I would wear the heck out of these!!!

    I have three pairs of Manolo D'orsay pumps. They fit beautifully and never slip off. However, I do have a problem with sling backs slipping off, which of course these are not. .

    FYI...Every shoe fits differently so be sure to try on this style before purchasing, especially if there is a "No Return" policy. I bought my first pair in a Manolo store and tried on various sizes and styles while I was there. Now, I can shop online safely knowing what styles work/fit and what does not. GOOD LUCK!:yahoo:
  5. not my favorite MB, but if you like it... go for it! and yes, there are great sales online.
  6. I love D'orsay pumps! And though I'm usually not an animal print fan, IMO these are subtle so i do like them... and even better if they are on sale!
  7. I agree with you on this. My D'orsay pump fits great, but my slingbacks are always slipping off. I had to buy Foot Petals thin strips for sling back shoes. This has controlled the slipping.
  8. I agree with the above posters - my favorite work shoes are a pair of black Manolo D'orsays, which are incredibly comfy. I think the shoes posted are cool. I'd wear them
  9. These are cute! I would wear these a lot. D'orsays do tend to slide off but if they happen to fit you like a glove, you won't have this problem. ;)
  10. What would you wear them with?? You are such a fashion diva!!!!:yes:
  11. not bad, but i'm not a fan of the pattern.
  12. Thanks dear ;) I can see these with so many different options. Wide legged cream dress pants of course, brown could work too. Skirts right below the knee, cropped dress pants, even really nice dressy jeans would look nice with these. :yes:
  13. I don't really like the pattern...a bit too much going on for one shoe IMO.
  14. I am not a fan of the pattern but if you like it, go for it.
  15. I'm going to be honest, I don't really care for them. But if they are a great deal go for it!!!