Just saw the truffle color at NM and wow! I love it

  1. The SA said the bag I was looking at was called Shopper.

    Does the Twiggy come in truffle? Is truffle a new color?

    (Sorry new to BBags)
  2. could it have been a light greyish beige? If so, you saw greige (combo of grey & beige).
  3. No, just looked at some pic and it wasn't greige. I guess it was truffle, maybe it just looks different in some pics.
  4. Truffle is a dark brown...I find that photos are all over the place with that colour, especially if flash is used! It's really a gorgeous colour. I have one tucked away, hidden until Christmas;)
  5. that's prolly marron 06! a greyish dark brown

  6. Thanks!! I think it was marron '06. I didn't think the SA was that knowledgeable that's why I checked here.

    Should there be a tag in the bag with the color name?
  7. No...that would make it far too easy:lol:
  8. LOL. How can I tell then?
  9. Here is a picture of the 2 that I took at work:




  10. my friend has the truffle city..nice!