Just saw the smaller ritz in patent!!

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  1. Oh it is beautiful!!!! I love the patent and the shape of the Ritz...The only thing about the large bag that I was just a bit uneasy with was how big it was since I am pretty petite. Finally this one is just perfect!! Oh yes, I grabbed it!!!:yahoo:
  2. I can't wait to see. I want the Ritz bag so bad, but trying to be on a purse ban until after the New Year.
  3. ^^^Michelle, this is worth breaking the purse ban for :smile: If you had any reservations about the size of the large, this one is reservation free!!
  4. girl, where is it!!??? Get back here w/ some eye candy for us!

  5. You know what pic whores we are, kick down!
  6. ^^^^^^

    Irishgal, you crack me up. I love what you wrote.

    Stacy, I may have to breakdown....but will try not too.......
  7. Go for it Michele! Spoil yourself over the holidays. :biggrin:

    Stacy, PICS!! You have been so practical - selling bags to fund new ones. If I did that I could have a new bag too...
  8. Roey, your a bad influence - lol. I actually am expecting my brown GST a little before Christmas time... A friend has let me make payments on it. So that doesn't count as buying a bag upfront from the store or part of the purse ban - lol

    I know when I see Stacy's picture, I am doomed.
  9. Michele, it counts so that means you are off the ban. Might as well fall off the wagon big time.

    Stacy, you better hurry up with pics. I'm REALLY diggin the distressed patent Ritz.:love:
  10. hurry with the ritz pixel
  11. Ahhh!! That's fantastic!! If I'd gotten the Patent Ritz in the smaller size it would have never gone back. I'd sent the large patent one back within an hour of receiving it because I just wasn't keen on the combined size with the shape of it. The distressed patent is so lovely and I'm sure it is simply perfect on the smaller size. Can't wait for pics. That one sounds like a winner!
  12. Oh yes post pics :smile: I liked it big actually, but it's a moot point since I didn't see the smaller one anyway (there was a smaller one in non patent black but it looked really mature to me).

    patent is hot ;)
  13. Please model the bag in your pics! Can't wait! I am sure it's TDF.
    What are the dimensions BTW?
  14. oooh post pics! and model your gorgeous new purchase!!!
  15. I can't wait to see the pics.