Just saw the Fall MJ line in person!

  1. Just back from Nordies and saw the Fall line! OHHHHHH get ready to swoon! There is a new tote that I have not seen anywhere on tPF yet. It's a new quilted square-shaped Tote. The one I saw was in Cashew. It has a chain handle topped by a leather section you hold it by. (Style name just said "Tote" on the tag.) Anyone know which bag I mean? Didn't have my camera with me, so I couldn't snap a pic. But there were TONS of new bags in Cashew, Emerald, Black... to die for! Not sure I'm digging the Emerald color.

    Also, if anyone is looking, there was a Diane Leather Tote on the sale table (in black!) as well as either the Sienna Hobo or Courtney Hobo... not sure which it was. But the color was called purple. To me, it looked more like a fab Fall red. Anyone know the bag I mean? It was on sale for $500-something.

    I asked the SA to confirm all MJ bags would be on sale 15% off on the first day of the Anniversary Sale, and she said she heard they might be on sale 15% from the time you get your Nordstrom Anniversary Sale card/flyer in the mail (if you bring that in) as well as throughout the sale. I don't know that she's right about that last part... I think she may be new. But my SA in Chicago says yes, first day of sale is 15% off. He is holding a large bowler for me that is already on sale and will be an additional 15% off.
  2. That sounds like the Stam hobo. Was it this one? Thanks for the information, I'd really like to see the new stuff.
  3. baghound, what bowler are you getting? I just bought the black quilted one for the fall!!!
  4. Glimmer, no... wasn't that one. I haven't seen this one anywhere... it's kind of square in shape... doesn't cinch at the top... has longer chain sections than on the one in that pic (Stam hobo) but DOES have the same leather handle at the top. All it said on the tag was TOTE. ???

    Just looked on the Marc Jacobs website at the Fall 2006 bags and it is NOT on there. The one I saw was in the Cashew color.
  5. BagLover26, I am getting the black one... but debating whether to get the black patent or regular black leather... thoughts?
  6. is it the one called the "Swagger"??
  7. Was it this bag?

  8. It's a Tote version of Swagger right? If yes, it's N/S Tote (C362046; $1500USD) from the Quilted Patchwork line. It's listed in MJ booklet at Neiman Marcus.

    Pictures of Ivory Swagger from LVR
  9. OMG that bag is gorgeoussssssssss! :heart: you've shown me the next MJ bag that I'm gonna get lols :biggrin:
  10. It could be!
  11. Just saw this Tote ($1200USD) in person, it's very nice!!! It's not any of the ones we mentioned in this thread. One side of the bag is quilted leather, the other side is smooth leather. At first glance, the shape/style reminds me of Chanel's Caviar Tote (just a little bit though). To my surprise, it's not heavy at all -- I would even say it's light for a MJ bag.

    Black & Cashew are available at Nordstrom South Coast Plaza.
    Ohhh, I also saw the color Amethyst today. Not sure how to describe it right now; I was looking at too many colorful bags (pink Celine Boogie, MJ's Emerald & Amethyst) that I became color blind earlier. LOL.

  12. Bergdorfgoodman.com has a bunch of new Fall MJ bags:

    Amy Zip.jpg
    Amy Zip

    Swagger Quiilted Tote.jpg
    Swagger Quilted Tote

    Trish Shoulder Bag.jpg
    Trish Shoulder Bag

    Striped Hudson Bag.jpg
    Striped Hudson Bag

    I like the Amy Zip as I always need an outside pocket!!
  13. have you seen the hudson in real life?