Just saw the elephant Mahina L IRL! My report

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  1. Hi all! I decided to post my observations in the main forum because many of you have expressed curiosity/excitement about this bag. I had the opportunity to view it today in the elephant (gray) colour. Yes, I feel very lucky, my SA is awesome. :shame:

    Anyway, here is what I saw: the elephant gray colour is EXACTLY the same as a dirty elephant. :P It's gray with a dark brown undertone. It's nothing like Olympe gray or even suhali verone. (Verone has a purple undertone.)

    As for the size/shape/appearance of the bag itself, it is IDENTICAL to the XL but about half the height. I would say it looks like the XL's shorter, cubbier little sister. (Yes, I used the word "cubby"!!!) If any of you own the XL, the top of the L probably reaches the XL's buckle, so it's a bit taller than half. Its width is comparable to the XL - it looks wider in proportion to itself than the XL because it's shorter. Also, those of you who are petite or just prefer a smaller bag will be glad to know that the L does NOT hang down like the XL - it's quite structured in relation to the XL. The strap drop is comparable or maybe even a bit longer, but I couldn't tell.

    I tried on the bag and it's a nice size, even for me - I'm 5'6" and an XL owner so obviously I love big bags, but I could also see myself using this bag as an everyday bag. I hate to say this, but its smaller size makes it more practical than the XL because there isn't excess leather hanging all over the place. Therefore, this bag looks less like a sea anemone and more like a leather hobo with gorgeous perforations.

    The price is confirmed at $2620 CAD. My SA wasn't sure of the release date, but there are rumours here that it's being released on Sept 1st, but he'll call me in the next few days to let me know the exact release date. I won't be getting this bag right away and I forgot to ask if it was truly LE/one-time only, but my SA seemed to think it would be around in a month or two, when I plan to get it.

    Hope you are all excited to see the L for yourselves soon! :heart:
  2. sounds amazing. ;) thanks agent 007!
  3. i can't wait to see it IRL too
  4. Thanks for your report! :smile: Cant' wait to see it IRL too!
  5. I'm excited to start seeing pics! I'm sure many of you will get it before me!
  6. Thanks very much for the information.
    It sounds pretty interesting but I want XXL instead. My SA told me they are not making these colors in XXL, she will let me know if they do. :crybaby:
  7. Thank you so much for your excellent report!! I can't wait to see these bags IRL. I waitlisted for the mordore, but now waffling between it and the black. But then your report makes me want the elephant gray too since it won't be like my anthracite Nimbus GM. lol
  8. ^I'm dying to see the mordore! It sounds gorgeous but I wear LOTS of grays and pinks so gray would probably be best for me. Plus I love elephants! :smile:
  9. Thanks for your report...I have the XL in Bronze & Black so it will be interesting to see a smaller size. :yes:
  10. Tks for the report! Cant wait to see it!
  11. Thanks for the report :smile:
  12. Thanks for the report! I can't wait to see it!
  13. thank you for the detailed report. Wish the sa let you take a couple of camera shots too ;)
  14. ^I wish! He had to bring me to the back of the store away from the general public because he wasn't supposed to show me!
  15. Thanks for the tip jellybebe!