Just Saw Texas Chainsaw Massacre the beginning.

  1. Has anyone seen this one yet? Any horror fans in the PF?
  2. I'm a big horror fan, but I'm very fastidious when it comes to films. Was the movie any good?:flowers: I hadn't checked IMDB's rating yet.

  3. It was an incredible film. Very well made and explained alot about how all the people in it came to be what they were. But I have to say, I have seen all the horror films made, but this one was so gory and graphic and bloody that I actually had the dry heaves as I watched it. It will be a LONG time before I eat meat again. :yucky: I actually felt like I was going to faint at times..But I highly recommend it especially if you saw the original and the remake. :yes:
  4. I saw it and LOVED it!

    It was very bloody, though!

    The boys in the movie were HOT!! (the brothers, I mean...not Leatherface and the sherriff!! LOL)
  5. Woooo..I wana watch!!...but I haven't seen the other one. Do you guys suggest I watch the other dvd before watching the new *beginning*?
  6. Yup that probably would be helpful:smile:

    Be prepared to sleep with the light on!!! LOL :smile:
  7. actually, you could see the new one first and then the others will fall into place.....just remember one thing and one thing only.....when traveling....stay on the main roads..:sweatdrop: ALWAYS stay on the main roads never take the back roads.!!!!!!
  8. I'm a big horror fan as well. I had heard that this film was getting a good buzz but as with any sequel you sometimes have to be cautious! And yes... always stay on the main roads!!! What were these ppl thinking?????? lol
  9. Yeah it was pretty good I wasn't disappointed...Trust me it wasn't anything like that Renee Zellweger one..that was horrible.
  10. i am going to see it tomorrow night with a bunch of my girlfriends, i have heard it was really bloody
  11. saw it last night omg it was sooo scary, but i am a big chicken, everything scares me!