just saw Speedy w/ long strap

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  1. Hi guys.

    I'm at work right now and I just helped a lady with a Damier Speedy 30 and she had a long strap attached to it. She attached it onto the square chads (i think is what they're called). Her strap was kinda long, like the bag came down to past her hips...i dunno..it looked odd, but cool. Maybe if she had the strap a little shorter it wouldn't have looked "off".

    HEHE..OT..this was the first time I saw a DAMIER SPEEDY!!! I've never seen one in the stores (b/c I never cared for them) and I must say, it was cute. hahaha...I liked it..I dunno if it would suit me...cuz it seemed like a "strong" pattern and I'm more of a "happy" pattern like azur..haha..*weirdooo*

    anyway..just thought I'd share, I know lots of people were interested in adding a strap to their speedy....
  2. i do sometimes on my ceriese speedy with leather strap.....hands free, love it! but i wear it like messanger way!
  3. thanks for the sharing with us, The strap looks good on some people but I don't care for it on me.
  4. When I bought my Speedy (and strap) yesterday at Saks, the SA immediately clipped it onto my bag!! :yes: I was quite surprised because I told her that I was getting the strap to use on the Alma which would be my next purchase (this is true). My surprise was that I assumed that they (the SAs) told customers not to use the strap on a Speedy. She did attach the strap different than I would have, instead of to the hardware on the outer handles, she attached to the inner part of the handles (vertically across from each other). She explained that this would cause less stress on the handles.

    I don't intend to use the strap all the time, but will keep it in my Speedy in case I need to be hands free at some point.
  5. That's what they told me when I bought my speedy; she said that the speedies don't have the D-rings and the strap will eventually damage the bag because of the pulling.
  6. Here we go again....the official word is it's not suggested, but women do it anyway. I do it when I travel or need to have my hands free. No, it's something that looks the best, fashionistas hate it, but do what you need to. I have used straps with all of my Speedys and Keepalls--just not all the time.:yes: Actually, before I go on, we have had numerous posts about this very topic, so you can go check those out, too.
  7. Do any of you ladies have a picture on how a speedy looks with a strap on TIA!
  8. :yes: yup..numerous posts have been made, just wanted to share my view as I saw it IRL today.
  9. Love my Speedys when I want a handheld bag...don't care for the look of it on the strap.

    When I want hands free, I just carry a shoulder bag (Saleya, etc).
  10. I posted one a couple times..let me find it.