Just saw my first croc...

  1. ...at the Wall St store. Rouge vif with diamonds. Absolutely stunning. Can't form sentences. So in awe.
    ...may need to think that special order ... black croc 30 ph?...:push:
  2. ...hmmm, so should it be college for my girls or the croc?:p
  3. Get the croc, but just order down in size and add the difference to the college funds! LOL
  4. That was about my reaction when I saw the black croc and diamond one at the Charlotte store, hehe
  5. perhaps a croc kelly would be less? Then the girls could go to a local school? Hey it's all about compromise!!!!
  6. Get the Croc........let the girls put themselves through college!!! LMAO!!!!
  7. :roflmfao: ^^ College is so overrated. OMG, if my parents heard me say that, they would kill me!
  8. I am surrounded by croc---those of mrssparkles and tricia, that is! It's croc this, croc that, all over the place. So, I vote you get the croc!
  9. yeah RC - and those crocs are good investments!
  10. Seriously? A good investment? it would almost be criminal if I didn't get one!
  11. Lol!
  12. Rockerchic...you are swiftly on your way to croc after the last 6 months. The so-called non exotics won't be for your taste buds much longer!!!
  13. I love anything that has a diamond attached!! LOL
    Buy the groc S and then sell when it's time for tuition!! :smile:
  14. The real question is what has the higher rate of inflation...:p

    A croc Birkin with Diamonds......
    or a private college education...

    (I think it may be the Birkin....so....from a fiscally responsible POV...you should get the Birkin first,,,,,lol)

  15. RC - seriously! :tup: