Just saw Monster House!

  1. I saw it this past friday (after I saw Devil Wears Prada for the 2nd time lol), my hag and I decided to movie hop *gasp* i know.. but we wanted to see it so bad to "support" her friend who designed the characters.

    Anyways.. I saw this.. and compared to Lady in the Water.. this was way scarier. I mean.. Lady in the Water was.. weird but I laughed more than I got freaked out/scared.. this one was scary. Anyone else seen it yet? I have to admit, Sony did a pretty damn good job at it's stab of computer animation movies!

    Discuss! I don't wanna give any spoilers if people haven't seen it yet though.. unless that's what you guys WANT to discuss.. haha.
  2. OT because i haven't seen it (or even heard of it :shame: that's what i get for living in beautiful podunk nowhere :biggrin:)

    but damn i wish i was somebody's hag. :lol:
  3. I loved watching Monster House. It's actually based on a real story
  4. I saw it in 3D - I loved it!!
  5. Really? Do share more...

    I saw the film as well and thought it was great!
    I thought they did a great job with animation. And did indeed find it scary. Made me laugh as well. Overall I give it a thumbs up!

    P.S. Hi Michelle! How was OC and FL? Is Brenna still in love with LV? :P

  6. OOOH! That sounds fun. I bet it was great in 3D!
  7. I just realized, its not Monster House I saw, but Party Monster.... whopps.

    Florida was nice. We have moved up our trip to OC so we leave the weekend of the 11nth. Yes, Brenna still wants a LV, and now she has recogized when other ladies are wearing a bag. She will say look mom, she has a LV... and her eyes light up.
  8. saw it first week on sat when it came out. it was scary! and i thought it was a kid movie.. i enjoyed it though.
  9. Well, I'm glad I read this thread. My 12 year old raved and raved about this movie and wants me to see it with him. Maybe I should go now....
  10. Took the grandkids and enjoyed it, yes it is scary and funny!
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