just saw lots of new &LE items

  1. At LV Scottsdale AZ sunset blvd vernis violette and perle, cles in violette, blk motard biker, all 3 sac rayures LE bags (GM, PM, shoulder bag), Mahina XXL Noir, GM inclusion bracelet in grey, both the shearling patent bags! Ask for Stacy, my SA!
  2. oooh, i'll be in scottsdale this weekend. will have to check it out. I wonder if they'll have the new cassis color?
  3. wowow.. wish i am near there...:tup::wtf:
  4. Ooo I love the scottsdale LV, that's my boutique... Jarret is a great SA too.. Honestly they're all pretty great and super helpful
  5. next time you are heading there, PM me so we can meet up! Would lvoe to meet a fellow tpf'er....

    I also just saw a black XL and denim XL. not sure if the new epi colors are in, but I now that both the LV boutique at Scottsdale Fashion and LV at Saks at the Biltmore got in tons of new items yesterday since superbowl is here this weekend! They are expecting alot of celebrity shoppers in the next four days so this is probably a good weekend to go and maybe even spot a celeb! :nuts:
  6. ^ ooo I would love that!! I totally will! I go to school in Flagstaff but my family lives in scottsdale so I come down for the shopping every once in a while and stop by LV to browse