Just Saw Lady In The Water!!

  1. wow- Im speechless.it was the WEIRDEST movie I have ever seen!!LMAO! seriously..I may be speechless.
    However I thought it was thought provoking in many ways..you know..One of those movies that you walk quietly out of and cant stop processing it..LOL...I do recommend it..Just be prepared for a weird movie....
  2. I've seen previews for that movie at all of the movies I've seen this summer and it looks absolutely crazy. I can't imagine spending 9 bucks on it right now. However, I've never seen M. Night's movies in the theatre always on DVD.
  3. Is it scary? I'm like the world's biggest chicken, and even the commercials for this movie scary me!
  4. There were a few scenes I grabbed PHH..LOL..but just a weird movie..not really scary...Kind of like a folklore tale?
  5. I laugh everytime I see that trailer because the movie seems so silly. Just like that movie coming out in August (Snakes on a Plane). I'm just not into M Night's odd movies. However I loved The Village, so you never know. But I'll wait for the DVD.
  6. ^ OMG I really liked the Village too!! That was definitely very thought provoking. And I wasn't a huge fan of Signs.. that could have been a little better. A lot of his movies look scary in the previews.. but overall they're not really that bad (this is coming from someone who gets nightmares after watching movies like Gothika LOL). I can't wait to see Lady In the Water..it sounds good! :smile:
  7. ^ actually-it was quite similiar in style as the Village..I think youd like it
  8. Hours after seeing the movie I am still thinking about all the inspirational messages given.........it was a very sweet , moving fairy tale.
  9. I like the village too. I may need to give this a chance. It got a bad review in our paper (for being too "out there" with all the mythological creatures and what not) but it sounds interesting enough to keep you watching!
  10. Its worth going to..The ending was better than the first hour..and there was a part at the end that had me almost crying it was so sweet.So to me-thats worth seeing.
  11. Am I the only person here who likes "Signs"? I'm looking forward to watching "Lady in the Water", I really like M. Night S.'s work.
  12. Who is in this? I am drawing a blank?
  13. M Night Shamalan- hes so weird.... from his movies "the signs", "the village", unbreakable, such a waste...IMO,,, and im not expecting much from his new movie though... in fairness...I liked the 6th sense.. IMO;)
  14. i love his movies. can't wait to see it.
  15. I will only go if Vlad goes with me... I get scared easily too Jillybean!!!! the previews scare me a bit but I love M Night's movies!

    Would this be the gal in the movie- this is from last week :graucho: