Just saw Hairspray!

  1. Just saw the first showing...very croweded and everyone seemed to love it. I had seen the play with the original cast and was disappointed when they put Travolta in the pivitol role of Edna. After seeing it I think he pulled it off...not so much in the beginning but towards the middle of the film and certainly in the end. The girl who played Tracy killed it. We were smiling the whole time...go see it!
  2. good to hear.
    My husband and I thespians and were kind of curious as to how Travolta would be. The original Tracy on Bway was so amazing it will be interestig to see how the woman in the movie compares. Thaks for the review.
  3. I'm seeing this tomorrow! Can't wait!
  4. Okay, that's it! I'm going to go see it lol!
  5. I can't WAIT to go see this!
  6. Was Travolta convincing?
  7. Does anyone realize that this is the SECOND Hairspray movie? The first one was with Ricky Lake and was excellent....why they would remake it I don't understand.
  8. ^^I LOVED the first one with Rikki Lake. But I'm also looking forward to this one since it's more of a musical. I'll be seeing it tomorrow...so excited!
  9. i saw it originally on broadway also which is why i'm afraid to see the movie because i'm not too fond of the cast they picked. none of my friends are musical nerds like i am so i'll probably wait until it comes out to see it :sad:
  10. Of course it is the second Hairspray movie but a musical...completely different on that level. In answer to another question...Travolta grows on you in the role...about half way through. Movie cast was great...and I am an avid Broadway goer and loyalist. Much better on the whole than Dreamgirls.
  11. I LOVE LOVE LOVE John Travolta so I'm gonna love it whatever. I can't wait to see it.
  12. I saw it yesterday and loved it! Amanda Bynes is so funny in it!
  13. Just got back from seeing it and it was soooo great!! I loved it!! I thought the casting was perfect. I don't care much for Michelle Pfeiffer but she was really good. And John Travolta was so endearing in this role. I *loved* him and Christopher Walken together. Nothing against Zac Efron, I can see why the young girls love him, but I'll take James Marsden over him anyday. Yowza!! :nuts: The costumes and makeup were amazing. I want to see it again...heck, I would see it 3 or 4 times more!!:tup:
  14. im watching this tonight!!!cant wait!!!!!
  15. Had to go out and buy the soundtrack!! :nuts: