Just saw an LV on TV

  1. I think there is a thread for this, but I cannot find it. I was watching reruns of The Jeffersons ( a show from the 1970s) when I saw a lady holding a speedy. It looked just like the speedy I purchased a few months ago. :jammin:
  2. I think i know what your talking about. i was watching the jeffersons today and i was like is that a louis vuitton bag, it was kind of far. But it definately looked like a speedy. Was it the episode where louis is interested in painting or something. so weird, i watched for like 5 min.
  3. ..they're moving on up...tooo the Eaassst Side....they finally got a piece of the pieeeeee...


    I loved that show - cool that they had it in an episode, although I think LV is definitely the "it" item more today so than in yester-years :lol:
  4. Yes.....
  5. have you noticed that in the movie "TITANIC" when Molly Brown (Kathy Bates) aboards the ship, she has with her a couple of Louis Vuitton suitcases? :biggrin: