just saw a pic of the new BEV bag....so cute!

  1. Marc Jacobs - The BE. V Quilted Bag - Saks.com
    The BE. V Quilted Bag

    [FONT=Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif]Classic and modern quilted design with goldtone chain strap and hardware.
    Single chain shoulder strap, with 7" drop
    Top zip closure
    One outside zip pocket with push-lock
    Four credit card slots
    Canvas lining
    5"H X 7½"L X ½"W
    Made in Italy


    now this is the way to get a little of that yummy blue from the spring line! it's pre-order at Saks, but boutiques might have it sooner :smile:
  2. Super cute! I love the color!!
    This reminds me of SATC because Carrie used to have all those cute little shoulder bags. Great find SMC!!
  3. It is cute. I'd use it for an evening out.
  4. That's darling! Love the color!
  5. Very cute! But I have to say, I'd rather have the baby stam...
  6. /\ why is that thithi?
  7. Hmmm... I think because baby stam is a classic style MJ bag, and the Bev bag may be too small and flat for my taste. I'm a taller girl, so even though baby stam is the perfect size for some girls, it's still small for me, thus a great evening bag.
  8. Although I like the color and the chain, I don't know if I'm feeling this one so much. Perhaps as a "night out" bag.
  9. I am not a fan of this one, it seems a bit plain. I do like the color though.
  10. This is cute .does it come in any of the other spring colors?
  11. I'd love this if it came in another color, like a light spring one! Maybe lavender?
  12. I really love that color!