Just Saw a Guy wif a Gold Miroir Keepall...

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  1. ....at the mall!! I was like a mad man trying to grab a pic of him wif my camera when he walked out of the bookstore...... Too bad the place was dark .... so the pics was kinda not clear. While browsing thru mags, I looked up and say a Gold Miroir (surprised), then I tilted my head to see which bag it was.....a Keepall!! (more excited), then I looked at who was carrying it.....a mid-30s guy (holy cow!!). I pretended to look cool and circled him without making eye contact and like I never saw the bag....hehe. I then noticed a pair of Japanese ladies (mom and daugther looking at him too). :smile: Very nice. Thought I'd share...:smile:
  2. i was so excited because i thought you were actually refering to yourself! have you given up on your silver Keepall?
  3. Yeah, kind of have given up hope. I am reserving my $$ at the mo as I am heading to HK this Thursday for a holiday :smile: But it's alway on my mind.
  4. maybe the LV gods have better plans for you. what if you stumble upon one in HK? you never know ;) fingers crossed.
  5. wow, i wonder what he was carrying in that keepall. it is a large bag to carry around the mall.
  6. I love LV sitings like that! Especially a keepall miroir.

    I was talking to my usual SA about miroirs in general and she said that her store had gotten 5 keepalls in (small place) and that all except one which had been on a waitlist had just sat there and no one purchased them for nearly a month. They finally were requested by larger stores and shipped out. Sad, as I'd LOVE to have had one back then!
  7. Here you hardly see anything apart from the monogram canvas, people are kind of boring in that way. :s Congrats on spotting a miroir though, they are few and far between.
  8. :nuts: hi, are you really take pic? Lol, how you do it? did he catch you do it? :p
  9. If it was a real LV that he paid huge bucks for, he should have been happy to stop and model for a pic for ya! I know I would with a $4k bag! lol
    I have never had the balls to ask someone (cause what if it is fake and you embarrass them!), but if it were me, I wouldn't mind someone photographing my bag with their cam phone. Getting stalked by papparazzi like a celeb! lol
  10. He must be one stylish man!
  11. Cool. Beats the guy I saw walking around the mall in turquoise thigh high boots.

    And I swear I am not making that up!
  12. ^:roflmfao:
  13. Wow- he must've looked like a loon carrying around such a huge bag! Itsn't it like 22" long? It is gorgeous though.
  14. Maybe he uses it as his gym bag?
  15. It looked quite nice when he carried it coz he was quite tall and well dressed in white and black. Actually, when he was in the bookstore mag section, I noticed so one really stared at him, only me and the Japs. :smile:

    I followed him quite a bit holding my camera pretending to take pics of something else and he did look at me once or twice. I felt like the paparazi. lol.

    Great looking bag still.