Just saw a Coach bag in a t.v show

  1. I'm watching Chuck, and the chick has a large black leather carly.

    How cool! :tup:
  2. That's so cool. I always notice women's bags in person but on TV I never even notice them. How weird!
  3. i thought so! joked to dh she should've had a fendi spy bag...cheesy, i no
  4. that needs a picture so i can see the bag...cool though....
  5. ooh! I'm on the west coast and I'll get to see it in 11 minutes!
  6. I just saw that too!!!! How cool it that! :smile:
  7. That's awesome!!! I always notice women's bags on tv. Actually I love to watch all of the wedding shows to see the women's bags. They always carry the best bags!!!

    Last weekend, I was watching Pagent Place (a show about miss USA, Teen USA, and Miss Universe on MTV) and the one girl had a leather carly in parchment w/ brown (?) trim....it could have been black trim tho....I'm not sure. It looked amazing on her!

    Here's a pic of the bag that was on Chuck for Babygirl14:
  8. I saw it too! It looked really good on her arm. I love Chuck. It's a really goo show and hopefully we'll see more Coach!!!!!!!!!
  9. I recorded it, but when I watch it later tonight Im going to be looking out for that bag! lol
  10. You know what? I was just watching Wedding Central on We tv...and one of the wedding planners had the lg. Black Sig. Carly....eeek! It was so pretty!
  11. LOL I thought I was seeing things at first but I looked at my boyfriend and said "Hey she's got a coach purse" He replied with telling me I was addicted to Coach and on the PF too much :roflmfao:
  12. My 12 year old DD pointed it out to me while we were watching. She thought it was so cool.
  13. so it was a carly!!! i wasnt sure...cool chuck is a good show =]
  14. I only caught the end of Chuck (while waiting for Heroes), but the Carly caught my attention right away. I told my DH, "Look, she's got a large Carly" to which he replied "How come you don't have one of those?" Gee, he actually pays attention to my bags, LOL!
  15. Sounds like an excuse to go get one!! :graucho:

    "But you asked why I didn't have one - so now I do!"
    "Oh, I thought you wanted me to get one"