Just saw a Balenciaga bag on Heroes.

  1. Not sure of the Style, But Claire the cheerleader was carrying a blue Balenciaga. Show has good taste.
  2. I'm watching it as I'm writing , I guess I missed that part... :p greta show btw!
  3. It was a Besso motorcycle bag. I could tell from the tag inside.
  4. I just saw it too!!
  5. nooo!!! now I'll be looking out for it when I watch tomorrow night.
  6. hahaha. I was going to make a post about it too!
    But it looked like a fake though. =/ Claire (the cheerleader ) was carrying it...i loved her jacket though :p
  7. Is there any way we can get a still shot of it???
  8. Yes, definitely fake! When she opened it, it had a square metal tag inside.
  9. I'm sure I saw a couple of BBags in the new spiderman movie too...just in the crowds of people on the street!! I kept nudging my BF saying there's the BBag...needless to say, he thinks i'm nuts!!:lol:
  10. LOL. I am addicted to heroes! read: I AM A NERD.

    my bf just downloaded that episode for me and i watched it, and i noticed the bbag too! how could i not...
    but, it was not a real bbag, :crybaby:. let's see if i can get a screenshot, haha.

    i think she ought to have peter go invisible and raid a balenciaga boutique. :roflmfao:

    /nerd mode



    BBAG1.jpg BBAG2.jpg BBAG3.jpg
  11. omg! they need to hurry up and post the new episode on the nbc website so i can watch.
  12. LOL! I'm glad there's people like me out there!

    I literally jumped out of my seat when I saw that last night and was SO disappointed it wasn't a real one. :sad:

    My friends thought I was completely nutso!
  13. ha ha, my kids noticed that she had the "same bag"
    my raincoat is similar too
    and I'm only 30 years older than "Claire"
  14. i love heroes...i'm hooked on that show! i saw the bag on last night's episode...too bad it was a fakey.
  15. It would have been cool to see a real one, but since she is playing a teenager in high school, it seemed more realistic that she was carrying a knockoff.