Just saw 2008 new reissue colors!

  1. I just got back from Chanel boutique and took a peek at their lookbook. There were four metallic colors in the book. Silver, black, dark purple and dark navy. I was expecting the purple to be much brighter but it is quite dark. The swatch was teeny tiny and almost looked black but when there is light hitting it, then I could tell it was purple. The same for the navy. The hardware is silver. Can't wait to see the purses when they come out!
  2. Thanks so much anonymous!you're such an angel!:flowers:
    I expected the purple and navy to be lighter too hmmm!:crybaby:
    Any info on the h/W? I mean is it regular palladium silver/ruthenium or tarnished silver?TIA!:smile:
  3. Are these made in patten leather???
  4. sounds great I wish you could hve taken photos for us- I am desprate to see them1
  5. Anonymous, did you see any of the classic flap colors?
  6. purple sounds fun!
  7. Dark purple. My favorite. Eagerly awaiting.
  8. i wonder if that purple will be like LV's Amarante....hope not! not a fan of that color at all!!!!
  9. Love dark purple! Sounds amazing, thanks for posting! BTW is the silver bright or dark???
  10. can't wait to see the actual bags!! i'm looking forward to the purple
  11. oooomyyyyy i want to see so badly!!
  12. Hmm, I think I'll have to go down to Ala Moana Chanel this week to see if their lookbook is in. :yes:
  13. i saw them today too
    the purple is a rich royal purple...gorgeous!
    also, the new colors for the classic flaps...so much pink! and the lambskin flaps have the new chain! i'm so excited!
    apparently there is an electric blue coming out as well...my SA showed me an approx. shade and it is TDF as well. omg i'm going to be so poor.
    i wasn't as thrilled with the yellow, it is darker then i had hoped.
  14. The purple sounds gorgeous, and an electric blue? This sounds great too :nuts::drool:
  15. Oh great, can someone try to scan some pages of the look book??..
    And, really like to know if the texture of the matellic is the same as the black matellic ...TIA