Just returned from Paris with a new Balenciaga!

  1. Have just returned from an amazing trip to Paris with DH.

    There is a reason why we go there once or twice a year...it's such an amazing city!

    I was hoping to see Anthracite, but not available. I looked at all the other bags, which were all lovely. Natural, Aquamarine, French Blue, Marine (with TDF leather, by the way)some with GH some with regular hardware...so then I asked if there were any Mini Bowling Bags available. The SA had a look downstairs and came up with a Grenat/Bordeaux Mini Bowling. I gasped. I had to have it!


    So here it is:[​IMG]

    There was one other bag that really caught my eye. A French Blue Matalese. It was stunning here is a photo:

  2. wow! Both are GORGEOUS!!! What a way to comemorate (sp?) the trip!
  3. Congrats Siri !!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love Grenat !!
    It's such a versatile color !!!!
    And you know, I'm also waiting for Anthracite...in the new flat messenger style...
  4. wow, can i ask you about the aqua? was a nice color?
  5. Congrats! :yahoo: Two great choices! I especially adore the French Blue Matalese!
  6. Can you post pics wearing it...?

    I've wanted to see what mini bowling has looked like on for ages!
  7. Glad to hear you enjoyed your trip and congrats on your new mini-bowling! That's definitely a style I'd like to try.
  8. Yayy Congrats Siri. :yahoo: The Mini Bowling is so cute and comfortable. :wlae: Enjoy them in good health.:heart:
  9. Your bowling is beautiful and that blue matalese is stunning!!!
  10. I love the grenat color! It is so rich. :yes: What styles did they have in the aquamarine, if you remember?
  11. congrats!!! the mini is cuute!

    I also went to the Bal boutique 2 days ago and was impressed by the french blue matelasse, gorgeous!

    lovelygarments, I don't remember seeing any aquamarine.... Maybe siri can confirm this?
  12. ....oh that french blue what an eyecatcher...congrats!
  13. I should clarify..

    I bought the Mini Bowling, but just took the photo of the French Blue Matalese because I had not seen one before and thought that you might like to see it.

    Danae/Lovely Garments: There was a Vert D'Eau city with GH and one with regular hardware. Is Aquamarine the same as Vert D'Eau? Or is that the sort of Turquoise one?

    Nanz: I believe you are the reason I wanted a Mini Bowling. I saw a pic of yours and I was hooked (at least I think it was yours???)
    The Grenat is amazing. IRL it's so beautiful and you can wear it with just about anything.

    Leanbean, City Chris. Thanks. I am really happy with my purchase. The Mini Bowling is very comfortable and BIG, but not difficult to get things in and out of it, if you know what I mean?

    Fashion Cult: I will ask DH to take a modeling picture tomorrow and then will post:yes:

    I wish I could have bought more, but had also made some clothing purchases in Gucci, Hermes, Pucci, etc...so I had to stop!

    The one thing I will add is the bags they have on display do not represent all the bags they had in store. I asked for bags that were not displayed and they kept going "downstairs" and coming up with more and more for me to choose from...

  14. Thanks FromParis.:smile: I was hoping to see the new flat messenger in ANY colour...but no, not in yet. I am very excited to see pics of yours when it arrives!!
  15. :yahoo: How wonderful! A trip to Paris AND a new B-bag! Love your Grenat Bowling Siri :love: