Just returned from Balenciaga Shop in Milan...new colors available!

  1. Wow. Amazing...
    This was the first time I entered that shop....I wanted to see and hug my babies!!!:graucho:
    Saw any kind of bag, but my favourite is the first!!!
    There were new colors, such as green and pink, but there were many f/w bags, so I bravely asked about sales (I feel ashamed to...), but the kind girl told me that some colors and some models (maybe some firsts) will go on sale...I'll be there on January, 5th!!!:yahoo:
  2. Thanks For The Info, Vida!!!!!!
  3. You're welcome!!!:yahoo:
  4. Another thing...I saw inside a sand first (don't know if F/W or S/S) the tag with N°xxxxT
    Which season does it refer to? If it is F/W 07 maybe it could go on sale...hope it's not part of the S/S 08!!!
  5. T is probably SS08. Did you see any blues?? Thanks for the info!
  6. how are prices in milan compared to the U.S.?
  7. I saw a first in a really cool blue, it was very dark! And I saw a bag with blue textile...I do't know the name of that blue, but it was very dark and gorgeous!!!
    About prices, I asked for the First, and it was 865€...don't know US prices...on January 5th I'll go back for sales, and will try to obtain more informations!!!
  8. OMG ^^ is it an EB first??????
  9. Sorry, can't find that color...I saw new colors but can't remember them...can you put a picture so I can tell you if it is as the one I saw?
  10. Well, it was a very deep blue, something between ink and antracite, but "bluer"...something close to petrol blue/black...where can I find the complete list of colors (I know sometimes tPF posts them in circles, I saw them but can't find anymore...) so I will be more precise!!!
  11. ^sounds like plomb!
  12. i am trying to purchase a CITY in EB ... I am in Australia so have to go through stores os as they are way to expensive here. i was thinking of ordering through BalNYC, however i have a family member in Milan so if prices are comparable can get them to try and pick it up.

    Does anybody know how prices compare between US and Milan?

  13. i think prices in milan are cheaper if you manage to get vat back. :smile: i strongly encourage ordering from bal paris but a lot of tpfers have had bal ny send bags to aussie with no problems!
  14. I'll check your EB city as soon as possible...stay tuned!!!
  15. hayley-
    Barneys NY on Madison Ave has EB in RH and GSH. I was there on Friday.