Just reserved a 225 Dark Silver...but what does it look like inside?

  1. HI all, I'm sure some of you have the 225 silver bag. But I never see the inside of this bag. Any chance for me to take a look inside out before I made my purchase decision??? I can only reserved it till 6pm today. I check out the reference library already, but most are 226/227. Are they exactly the same except the size? i.e. double chains/double flaps,etc. Very much appreciated if I can see photos of a 225!!!:heart:
  2. They have the same inside except the size.
  3. Ooops...it's past 6pm now...what did you end up doing? :nuts:
  4. Thanks all. I find photos from eBay earlier. There're a light silver 226 & matellic black 224. It's great to have a chance to look at the interior of the bag. It's beautiful!! Even my husband likes this dark silver color more than the other options I show him.

    Thanks for the time difference between NS, Canada & Calif., US. I'm 4 hours ahead. Well, my SA is going check with my CC info. I have no idea as this is my first phone/online purchase from the U.S. Hopefully, I'll be the happy owner of this bag. My SA told me there're many many people were checking out this bag & I was really lucky to reserve it when I first call up the store this morning.

    So now, just wish me luck then!:sweatdrop:
  5. Hi Ceci

    Just wondering how much is the 225 dark silver? TIA
  6. it's $2150 plus tax
  7. thanks mylilsnowy:smile:
  8. Finally...US$2150 + US$25 shipping is paid for this lovely bag. Now, I just have to wait for my DH to pick it up & bring it back to me. It's my upcoming birthday gift!!! I hope I don't have to wait long to actually feel the bag :love:
  9. Just saw your other posts in the Cdn prices thread...never mind... ;)

    CONGRATS - love the dark silver reissue!!! :love: :yahoo:
  10. Ah...no, not directly to Canada. :graucho: It will be sent to Arlington first & then my husband will bring it back after his business trip later in August. Though I can't get the bag earlier, but I would rather wait. :happydance:
  11. Wow! Congrats! I want to own a 225 reissue too... Since I already have 226 and 227..
  12. Thanks sharbear508 & iqaganda. I've never seen the purse IRL. So, I'm getting even more excited. Plus, this is my first time buying without actually touch or try the product. I heard so many TPFers saying good things about this bag & saw many nice photos posted on TPF. & more important, my husband like this bag & like the colour as well. So, I hope I didn't make a wrong decision.

    Also iqaganda, I believe I can't get you another box, I thought I would wait to buy a Chanel flap until I visit HK. But guess what?! Sometimes you can't really plan for the future...BTW, good luck for your baby. I assume it's a girl, right? :cutesy: