Just registered to say - Thanks!!!

  1. My wife of nearly 15 years is, and has always been, a fairly practical woman. She has wanted a Coach purse for quite some time and although we are both fortunate enough to make very good money, she would always rather spend on decorating, things for the kids, etc. I would have purchased one for her long ago, but it's obviously a very personal thing and she wouldn't give me any hints (knowing I would get one for her). Well, this year she decided that her Christmas present from me would be a Coach purse. Being the "Internet Geek" in the family I did my homework to see what sort of deals there might be. While I didn't find any coupons, discount codes, or anything I did come across this forum and read discussions of the private sale cards that are sent out to some individuals. Armed with this information we went to the local Coach store. As the kids and I were leaving my wife in the store (we went to check out the rest of the mall so she could shop for her purse in peace!) I mentioned to the sales person that I knew cards went out and were good for 25% off. I asked how you go about getting on that list. In a hushed tone she simply indicated that she would extend this offer to us for that day. Great! My wife ended up saving $100 that day, just because of you folks discussing the private sale! Thanks a million!!!

    As a side note, I went back to the same store this past week and talked with the same sales person. I was unable to get her to extend that same offer a second time around (I presume because the event was over for everyone) for a wallet I wanted to buy for my wife. Would have saved quite a bit there as well because, little did I know, those wallets can be nearly as much as the purses. :shrugs: Oh well, I bought it anyway because it's something I really wanted to do. My wife had picked up a new wallet at Kohl's to "somewhat" match her new Coach purse. Being the sneaky guy I am, I found out the exact model of her new purse (Bleecker Large Signature Flap in brown) and found that Coach has a matching checkbook wallet to go with it. Just before wrapping her purse up tonight I'm going to take the Kohls wallet out, hide it somewhere (to be returned to the store), and put the Bleecker wallet I bought into the purse. Should make for a happy surprise on Christmas morning. :p

    Thanks again, for keeping people informed and helping them save money!!!
  2. Aw! What a sweet husband you are!

    She'll be VERY happy, I'm sure!!!

    Merry Christmas! :smile:
  3. You are such a sweet husband!!!! You remind me of my own! Your wife is going to love her surprise!!!! GREAT job!
  4. uou are so smooth!! switching wallets on her!
  5. So thoughtful of you. Your wife will be so surprised and will love it.
  6. That is very sweet that you did all that research to give your wife a nice Christmas surprise!
  7. awww you are so sweet!!!!! :yes: What a great guy.. thanks so much for sharing your story and I am so glad we could help!!! :tup:
  8. Omigoodness! That is so sweet and cute of you! You are a wonderful husband! I know it's such a great place to know about the deals and upcoming bags on this forum. If it weren't for this forum I would have not known about the 25% deal too. Enjoy your holidays!
  9. You are such a sweet husband! I'm glad you were able to use the PCE discount! Your wife is a very lucky lady!
  10. You are an adorable sweet husband. Your wife is a lucky woman.
  11. What a sweet story! You are so thoughtful buying her the matching wallet. Hope your family has a Merry Christmas!
  12. That's so incredibly sweet of you and I'm so glad you shared this story with us! It's easy to forget that lots of people lurk here and also gain valuable information from the discussions on the threads! Have a very Merry Christmas!
  13. The "wallet switch" is such a cute thing to do!
  14. What a thoughtful guy! And how nice of you to register to say thanks!:yes:
    I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday! Your wife is a LUCKY girl!;)
  15. Aww!! That is so sweet of you ~ an excellent idea to top off her Christmas present with the wallet, in such a sneaky yet sweet way!! :smile: It's great to here that there are husbands out there who are so thoughtful & do research on the things their wives like but may not treat themselves to. From you story, you two seem like a very caring & happy couple. Thanks for sharing that with us!! Merry Christmas!!!