Just recieved my Pistachio twiggy!!!

  1. i just recieved my pistachio twiggy in the mail! (i won it off eBay off of the lovely seahorseinstripes! thankyou SOOOO much hun! i love it! )
    its in such perfect condition! and im soooo happy! :yahoo: :yahoo:
    im not sure how to upload photos on here (as i think mine are too big and im dont know how to resize.)
    but heres some links to my yahoo photos with the pics!


  2. OMG how lovely!!!! congrats!!!!:yahoo: :heart:
  3. wow! gorgeous!
  4. :choochoo: what an awesome b-bag!!! congrats!!! :wlae:
  5. CONGRATS love .... :flowers: !! What a GORGEOUS bag - enjoy it :yahoo: :tender:
  6. it's great u like it, anna :yahoo:
    please post pics wearing that lovely bag. i know you'll love it ! :wlae:
  7. wow, love_labels! what a great bag and in awesome condition too!
  8. Utterly gorgeous! The colour shows up so beautifully :biggrin:
  9. Oooh, looks just like gelati! Yummy! Congrats, LL!!!
  10. beautiful! there is a delicious frozen dessert on a stick here called Melona Bars... looks just like that! yummmmmmm! :heart:
  11. OMG...Congrats on the beautiful bag.
    I've been dying to get that colour
  12. What a lovely color!! And it looks to be in perfect condition too!
  13. WoooW:nuts: !!
    Gorgeous !!
  14. AMAZING:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  15. GORGEOUS! Pistachio really is the perfect colour name for that bag...YUM!
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