Just recieved my first bbag: Vert D'Eau first

  1. ...and while the color is GORGEOUS :drool: I'm disappointed with the leather.

    She doesn't feel "smooshy" to me, and the leather feels like it's quite "thin" and "dry" :sad: To be honest, she almost feels "plastic-y".

    Does/did anyone elses feel this way? Is this normal? I'm wondering if I got sent a bad one from the bunch and should exchange. I ordered from Daisy...
  2. Yeah, I don't think too many of the new bags feel smooshy. I think that comes with time. Most of my recent bags have been fabulous and non-veiny but I wouldn't call them smooshy off the bat. They will become smooshier with use but if you don't love the leather, then maybe try again? Can you post pics so we can see if it looks unusual in any way?
  3. hmmmm I don't own vert d-eau but others have said the leather is really nice. The 07's seem to be really shiny when new (plastic-y like you said) but that goes away with age and use. You should post a pic of your bag and get others to weigh in... plus I'm in love with the colour and would love to see your bag!!
  4. I have a Vert Daeu City and it's broken in very nicely. It'll get more smooshy with time, i promise!
  5. verty, I was/am also disappointed with the leather on my 06 grenat city. I was just so anxious to own a bbag because I love the moto style and I love the color, so I bought mine basically without even touching it...

    After I unpacked it I was soooo disappointed :sad:
    The leather on mine is on the thin side, although of course I have never touched older bbags, so this is just a guess... I thought it was not smooshy at all :crybaby:

    I have kept my bag and have been using it almost every day for 2 months or so and now that it has been broken in a bit, the leather feels softer and thicker to me.
    I have also noticed that the sides and the back of my bag have great leather! It could almost be considered *smooshy* LOL! It's just the front that is still kinda stiff...

    I have also ordered the Bbag kit from LMB, because some of the ladies here have said that the moisturizer has taken off the shine and made the leather feel thicker and softer! I haven't recieved it yet, but I will def try that!

    Sooo, what I am trying to say is: your bag will change with wear and it might grow on you...

    Then again: this is an expensive bag and if you are very unhappy and you do not think this bag will ever grow on you.... then you should probably take it back if you can...

    If you really want a smooshy bbag you will probably have to find a used one on eBay from the 04 or 05 seasons, as those are said to have the best leather :love:

    Sorry for rambling :shame:....
    Good luck with making a decision!
  6. glimmer - yeah, it's beautifuly non-veiny. I was just expected some *smoosh*, but I'm glad to hear they are not smooshy off the bat :smile:

    simmmchen - no thank-you very much for the "rambling"! That makes me feel MUCH better :yes: Can I ask you where you orderd the kit from LMB at? Is there a website??

    eliza - the Vert D'eau is absolutely beautiful IRL. I was honestly stunned. Much better than expected!

    sammydoll - that's good to hear!! makes me excited! glad you love yours.

    Thank you so much girls. I will take pics of her now & post as soon as I upload them :p
  7. this is the website: Bbag Store

    use the search function on this forum and search for LMB... there are a couple of older threads where ladies have posted before and after pictures, so you can get an idea of what your bag might look afterwards :yes:

    EDIT --- these might be interesting:
  8. She will get better in time, my ink day is breaking in nicely, veins and all. Congrats, can't wait to see pix, the first of many, verty!
  9. I've seen the vert d'eau bags...and the leather is very nice...Since you love the color, I think you should keep it and start breaking it in.

    I think often we end up with the love-the-leather-hate-the-color or the love-the-color-hate-the-leather dilemna. If you love the color, you can break in the leather until it's something you're happy with, but if you hate the color, you'll never carry the bag.

    So you're already ahead...and the leather is gorgeous on the vert d'eau bags.
  10. congrats! i think once you wear your bbag more, it will become soft and broken in.
  11. The Vert D'Eau is a lovely colour and it will look lovely when broken in. HighGloss said it best, if you love the colour, you can break it in and be happy with it!

    I wish you well,

  12. Congratulations! I'm sure Vert D'eau is lovely in the First style. :heart: It seems a little hit and miss with the leather this season. My Vermillion was incredibly squashy and silky soft the day I picked it up. Sometimes it seems to depend a little on the colour, but I'm sure this will looks just amazing once you've worn it around a bit!

    Good luck breaking it in - you really will notice the change in the leather quickly the more you use it. It really doesn't take much to start softening it up.
  13. Thank-you everyone for all the replies! It makes me feel much MUCH better :shame: I guess it's not unusual to dislike the leather at first, huh? And yes, I really do looooove the color - so I guess that's half the battle :love:

    Thanks for the all the links simmmchen!!

    Again, thanks everyone. I really appreciate it!

    Anyway, here are some pics!! The first two are taken indoors & the last are outdoors - the last ones are def. closer to the actual color. Hopefully they are OK:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Sorry, they said they were too big to add as attachments, so I had to do it this way.
  14. Great color for a First, congrats! I think i see what you mean...just wear it with love & it'll soften it right up.
  15. My guess is that you were surprised at the goat leather and how thin it is. I know I was surprised with my first one. Once you realize how strong it is and yes, it will soften up and become more pliable, you'll appreciate the uniqueness of this bag. I can't see your pics :sad: