Just received TWO 25% off cards in the mail....

  1. I don't need both of them. The sale is from 9/15 - 9/23. I will draw a name tomorrow morning so enter here by posting if you are interested. I will send via regular mail in the morning.
    I am in Los Angeles.
  2. I am interested. Hee, this will be exciting with the drawing.
  3. I am interested too. Thanks for having the contest!
  4. I would like to be entered in the drawing please! Thanks:tup:
  5. Count me in as interested. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Please enter me in the drawing too! Thanks!
  7. Hi...I'd love to join in!
    Thanks for being genorous!!!:yahoo:
  8. also everyone, please make sure you check back in the morning in case I need your address. I will draw a name at 10:00am Los Angeles time.
  9. I'd like to be added, too. I haven't purchased a Coach item yet in 2007, so there is no way in hell I'd get one in the mail...
  10. I want a chance!

    This is so nice of you!!
  11. Hi. Put me in too!!! I don't expect to receive a PCE card this time around. Thanks!!
  12. I would love to be included in the drawing, too!

    Thank you...
  13. :yahoo: Oh PLEASE add me too!!!! I would LOVE to go to the PCE and shop!!!! :smile:
  14. Please add me as well!
  15. Count me in!