Just received the pewter Elisha & got quite the deal!

  1. I found one at a boutique in CA on Grechen's Codes, part of Grechen's Closet website. The store is solamia.com and the code for 20% off is SFFREE20. The other one listed doesn't work. If you are not a CA resident, there's no tax and it's free ground shipping. I normally shop at NM, but with tax, this bag would have cost me around $610. I got it through Sol A Mia for $460! Not bad for a great bag in a hot new color! It came in perfect condition with the dust bag and tags. I already have one in black and felt slightly stupid buying the same style in pewter, but the color is so unusual that it has a really different look; while it looks great with jeans, it definitely doesn't look like an everyday bag. I think NM has sold out of these (at least online), so I was happy to get such a good deal.
  2. Good for you! The Elisha is one of those Koobas that you can never have enough of. It looks fabulous in every color, IMO. Can't wait to see pics when you get it!!!
  3. I think they're sold out because I didn't see any on the website when I went to check it out.
  4. Congratulations, the pewter Elisha looks absolutely gorgeous in pictures. Don't forget to post some photos when you get her.