Just Received the JC 2007 Fall Catalogue

  1. Has everyone had a chance to look through the new catalog? The new bags in various colors and textures are TDF:yahoo:

    I will see if I can get them scanned in to the computer in the next couple of days if you want me to, just let me know and I'll do my best:yes:
  2. Oh yes, pictures! :yahoo:
  3. Thanks Robyn :smile:
  4. Pictures would be great! I'd love to see some of their new stuff
  5. Yes, por favor!:tup:
  6. Here they are! So sorry, but this will take 3 posts and I did not do near as good as Cosmo when she posted the Spring/Summer line, but DH is at work and I had the time now.
    boutique.jpg cecile.jpg clutches.jpg evening.jpg Scan0005.jpg
  7. More photos
    mahalas.jpg malenas.jpg ring.jpg seasonal.jpg small clutches.jpg
  8. Last of the pages
    ticolas.jpg togo.jpg tulita.jpg wallets.jpg weekend.jpg
  9. :nuts::nuts::tup::nuts:THANK YOU Robyn!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. :graucho:Oops, 1 more

    BTW, be sure to check out the Cosmetic cases and notice they match the Liquid patent Mahala & Unite wallet
    cosmetic bags.jpg
  11. Thanks Robyn!
  12. Thank you Robyn :flowers:. Alot of really great bags this season. The Croc Kasia and Suede Alex are sooo gorgeous.
  13. Cheers Robyn :woohoo:
  14. Robyn ROCKS !! :yahoo: Thanks for helping me find the Ring Burgundy :wlae::nuts:
  15. Yeah:yahoo: You got her:yes: I know you will love her:party::party: