Just received THE gorgeous red poupre from HGbags! Mod pics inside(-:

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  1. Hi, Everyone, Just received this beautiful red city from HGbags and people already seen Kobro`s stunning poupre city. I also wanted to introduce this to show how dark and deep red colour! Mis POUPRE!
    the PC is RUBY, you can see the different shade between RUBY and POUPRE. And those pics are all taken under the natural light in deffirent shade of sun light( bright to dark)

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  2. More pics.

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  3. Looks great on you! Nothing like a RED city bag imo.

    Thanks for the comparison shots too. I really want to see pourpre vs. Rouge theatre!
  4. Wow, what a beautiful color. Thanks for the comparison pics w/the ruby. And the bag looks great on you. Enjoy her! :smile:
  5. CONGRATULATIONS Tokyo!!! i guess this is the one that i gave up? you are making me regret!
    you always got the best bags from Erica! it looks so great on you, you are a HOT mum!

    and the pourpre looks really like grenat to me.
  6. Thank you, Beauxgoris as always!
    Poupre has more bodeaux gene! I will do comparison pics with my other red collection sometime this week!
  7. The color is gorgeous!
  8. Ah..... your Pourpre's amazing!!!! Very beautiful. And I love your modeling shot, the one you hold it against your pants. The color really compliment each other!
  9. Beautiful city! Congrats and you carry it well!!
  10. Beautiful bag. The bag looks great on you. Congrats and enjoy!
  11. Thank you so much for all the pictures Tokyo! I love Tokyo (:P); and I love your Pourpre!! Oh my! Your many pictures were really helpful in showing the color of pourpre. Now I have a clearer idea of how it'll look IRL and I am head over heels in love again!!:nuts:

    You wear Ms Pourpre so well!! Congrats!!
  12. great pourpre city, and thanks for the comparison shots! enjoy wearing it.
  13. #13 Jul 20, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2009
    ugh I LOVE IT!!!! AND I NEED IT!

    Does anyone know if this is out in GGH yet? *dies*
  14. The colour's GORGEOUS on you & this would make a lovely addition to your Ruby family(you had quite a family going IIRC). CONGRATS!!!
  15. Tokyo - congrats on another new bag! Meganka is right - you always get the best bags from Erica :yes:

    Thank you so much for the comparison shots... I love knowing how Pourpre looks next to Ruby. It really looks like a lighter shade of Grenat, with pinky tones.

    And I love your mod shots - you make the bag look good!