Just Received the Chloe Beata Shoulder Bag....

  1. It is absolutely the most gorgeous bag I own, by far, (and I own alot)!!!! I was afraid to see it IRL after seeing Megs review in the Purseblog, but it is exactly as pictured below. It has a full leather flap as well, and is just classy, functional and edgy/sporty, all wrapped up in one!!!! If I could afford it now, I would buy it in every color. Love Chloe....

    BTW, we don't have a camera right now, (will be getting a new one for the holidays), but the picture from NetaPorter is exactly true in every way. Will see if I can get a decent picture with my cell phone camera, but trust me, it will, in no way, represent this bag well!

  2. Oh my Equalizer! It IS fantastic and I believe it is everything you have described. Can't wait to see pics of you modeling!
  3. Congratulations Equalizer.....you should post a link to this in Meg's review page....I feel bad for people who write this bag off becuase of that review and then it turns out soo gorgoues as you say! I hope I can say the same for my soon to arrive patent Elvire hobo.....

    Cheers to patent...:drinks:
  4. Thank you both! mona_danya: Would love to see a pic of the Elvire Patent hobo. Have been admiring the leather hobo for a while. Would love to see the Patent one. Love Patent too!!!

  5. OMG!!!! I love this bag! The color is gorgeous! I just saw this bag yesterday on NAP and it's tdf! Congrats......I can't wait to see your pics!:love:
  6. :true:When Sacoche posted this bag in their sale ad/email Divna and I were like whoa this is a real beauty. That Chloe does patent like no other purse manufacturer heh?

    You scored a ten girlfriend. We will breathlessly wait for your pics!
  7. Hi Equalizer!

    Your bag ROCKS!!! I couldn't have described it better myself...classy, edgy, & sporty all wrapped up in one :smile: Congrats on your newest beauty! Did you purchase her from NAP?

    I have a piece in the black patent but mine is not crinkled patent which is even more luscious if possible! Everyone always says Chloe is so heavy, but none of the new patents seem that heavy to me.

    Enjoy your new baby!!!
  8. Thank you all for your kind responses!!!

    Yes, purchased this bag at NAP! I looked at the Sacoche pics of the sale, and this particular Beata bag was not part of that sale. Only the satchels, not the shoulder bag, which BTW, can be converted into a crossbody, (didn't know that when I purchased it)...

    As far as heaviness, no bag I own is as light as my Chloe Bettys. While I have a Paddington hobo, and it is pretty heavy, I find with most shoulder bags, that my shoulder can take the weight. I couldn't do that weight with a handheld bag, though. This bag definitely does not feel anywhere as heavy as the Paddington Hobo. It is somewhere between the Betty and the Paddington, I would say.

    Can't wait to start using it!