Just received the $50 off card in the mail....

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  1. Thinking about getting the blue slim carly with it.


    darn these discounts they keep sending out!!!!
  2. Tell me about that card because I don't understand... it's from Coach??? I wanto to have oneeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I know I want one of these cards too! I somehow always miss out on the good coupons! Does it say what the promo is?
  4. That is such a cute bag, and it seems to be the popular color for the summer
  5. AHh... I love the color.. and the leather.. maybe I should wait on the leather chocolate carly.
  6. I think that would be a smashing choice.
  7. I got the large carly in chili and love it to death! this one is smaller but the color is TDF!
    The card that came today is part of the spring promotion. The envelope says "A Spring Gift from Coach" and there is a plastic card inside like a credit card that says "our Coach Gift to you" and it gives you $50 off when you spend $150 or more when you present it at the store.

    they know I'm a sucker.

  8. :roflmfao:
  9. I am procrastinating now cause I can't decide if I should get a black muse (had one, sold it, want it back now!), an LV black denim neo cabby or this. I always do this to myself!
  10. OMG I just got my mail.. sorting through all the junk.. and there is this cute PINK envelope with my name on it!! And there it is, the words...'A spring gift from Coach'. I'm so happy! I was even waiting for eBay!!
  11. yay! what are you gonna get?
    oh yeah, and I'm also lusting after another RM MAM in either yellow or ruby or both!!!!

    I need serious help.
  12. Why is coach being so mean to me ? First no PCE and now no coupon ? I have spent way more in the past few months than I ever have.
  13. That would be the perfect use for the card.
  14. Dang!! I want one too.....leaving for Chicago tomorrow and was wanting to hit Coach on the mag mile and that would have been great to have :sad: