Just received RM Morning After in Grey (a steal at $395)

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  1. I just received this from Nordstrom and love it. The leather is beautiful and the color of the bag is perfect -- a dark slate grey that's almost navy and black combined (if that makes any sense at all). I like the shape so much and am happy that I can wear it over my shoulder (it's a tight fit but still comfortable). It has a fleur-de-lis lining that goes well with the grey shade. I will definitely buy more of the RM MA bags in other colors. The sale price is fantastic for a handmade bag -- on sale for $395.

    Thank you, thank you to all those who have written about this bag. I'm so grateful.
  2. Congratulations!
  3. Congrats! Is there any chance you could post pictures? I would love to see more photos in this IRL, especially while wearing it.
  4. Good for you! I have the Mini and LOVE it. I agree, the color is perfect.
    Did you get the full sized MA? How do you like the size?
  5. OOOO Pictures please!

  6. I purchased the regular MA and the size is perfect. It's big enough for papers and mags but not so too big that if I'm on a crowded subway I'm smacking people with it if I turn around quickly (I've had those bags and they're just too big for elevators and other crowded places!).

    Will get photos as soon as possible.
  7. Great deal...I got the MAB Mini in Dark Gray from Label360 with 30% off. ($367.50)

    I just love the color. It is a perfect with any outfit that you wear.

    Fantastic Bag!!!

    Here is the pic of mine...