Just Received Ring Bag-Have a question???

  1. Gorgeous bag! Definitely not as large as the pictures intimated, which is a good thing, as I generally don't care for very large bags for me.

    Since this is my first Jimmy Choo bag, I don't know what is generally included in one of his purses.

    It came with the Footcandy hang tag attached, but no Jimmy Choo hang tag. Is there supposed to be one? It came with a small introductory card in the interior zippered pocket. Is that all that there should be? There was no paper card wallet, i.e. Chloe, Marc Jacobs, etc. Is this normal? Came with a gorgeous lavendar dust bag. Assuming this is the norm.

    Like it enough that I would possibly think of maybe getting it in the nude as well. Have to sit on it for a while. Maybe by then it will be on sale!!!
  2. OMG! the Ring bag is gorgeous!

    Mine only come with the dust cover and a little purple care book - nothing else.
  3. Oooohh, can't WAIT to see pics. Color?

  4. Congratulations on your ring bag! What color did you purchase? Don't worry, you received exactly what is typical with each Jimmy Choo bag:tup:
    Please be sure to post photos:nuts:
  5. As much as I LOVE the Alex, I don't think I could ever justify the price for a suede bag. So I keep coming back to the Ring bag....I love the style. Can't wait to see photos of yours!

    Someone on the forum posted a photo of their burgundy Ring bag and it was absolutely gorgeous! If I didn't have the burgundy Riki that is definitely the color I would want, so maybe one in black?

    What color is your Ring bag Robyn?
  6. Oooh, love the Ring Bag. Congratulations Equalizer. I have it in burgundy. Great shape and leather. I vote for you to get the Nude too.

    Stinkerbelle, what about you? You need this bag:graucho: Come on, someone here needs to buy the Ring in nude/ecru. Anyone, anyone?
  7. Mine is Burgundy like Samantha's. I agree, you should get the Nude one Stinkerbelle:choochoo:
  8. Hi Guys,

    Sorry I didn't post the color, but it is black. My husband has the digital camera for the week, so I won't be able to post pictures until he returns. I am really impressed with this bag, though. I like the pockets inside, (very cute), and think this is the epitome of the ultimate cutting edge tote/shoulder bag. Would think it is gorgeous in the nude, (might get), but would have loved it in the Burgundy, which I saw on Samantha, which is gorgeous, (actually Samantha, your pictures were part of the reason to sway me to get it-thank you!). Pefect size, perfect style, perfect everything!!!!
  9. The Alex also comes in black leather.
  10. ok, please inform me, oh knowledgeable ladies!! what are the specifics with the ring bag versus the riki and/or ramona? :confused1: i thought i saw a pic of the ring bag, and being the novice that i am with the JC bags, i thought it looked very similar to the riki/ramona? what's the size like? after reading this, i'm feelin' like maybe i should be looing into a ring bag maybe instead of the riki?? hmmm...food for thought...:sneaky:
  11. I do love that Alex....someone...Robyn? Samantha? Maxter?? needs to buy it and post modeling pics! I'd like to see the amazing versatility of the bag almost live and in living color! :drool:

    The black leather would be so much more practical than the suede. Oh, and the nude Ring bag....just lovely! :heart: But my favorite is the burgundy and since I have the burgundy Riki that color is pretty much covered. But blue suede....hmmm....just can't seem to let it go! :graucho:
  12. Congrats!! I bet it looks great on you. Cant wait to see pics
  13. The Ring bag is becoming my absolute favorite bag:nuts: and I have the Riki, Ramona and XL Ramona.

    The measurements of the Ring bag are 16H x 13.5L 6W
    The Drop is adjustable, but I use my at the longest which is 11 inches.

    The Riki's measurements are L14 x H9 x W5
    The Ramona's Measurements are L16 x H11 x W6

    Hope this helps:yes:
  14. thanks robyn! as usual, you are such help! :tup: it sounds to me like i'd probably be happiest with the riki still...that is, whenever i find a color that is TDF! for now, i'll just have to wait. :amuse:
  15. OOOhhh - I love the Ring Bag!!!! Congratulations!