Just received RG love bracelet. Need advice on a couple things

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  1. Hi my husband just picked up the RG love bracelet in London for me. I thought it would come wrapped all sweetly with the Cartier wax seal like my ballon blue did. Also I thought Cartier would have included the cleaning kit? Did your love come with a cleaning kit? Also, I'm afraid of scratching it when I put it on. Shall I have the people at Cartier do it for me?
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  2. I purchased a WG love bracelet with diamonds at my local Cartier boutique last month and my SA gave me a cleaning kit without my asking.
    Scratches are inevitable once you start wearing it so it doesn't really make a difference. At the end of the day, it would be easier to get a loved one to help you out.
  3. Cartier only give out cleaning kits if your piece have diamonds on it.
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  4. I bought my plain love bracelet along with my husband's wedding band and my SA gave me 2 cleaning kits without asking. She did tell me these cleaning kits are hot commodities sometimes they have a waiting list of customers waiting for them. I was lucky they received a shipment the day before I went in. Maybe stop off at a boutique and ask for one.
  5. Very different experiences here... I got my cleaning kit when I purchased my LOVE ring YG. Before that, I didn't know such a kit existed. So when I purchased my LOVE bracelet a few month ago, I didn't ask for a cleaning kit, but this time I wasn't offered one. Congrats on your bracelet and enjoy wearing it!
  6. Don't worry about scratches, it comes with the territory. You could have your DH help you out. I had my DH help me out at the beginning, these days I can tighten the screws myself. These days I even prefer if I get any help that the other person just stabilize the bangle for me and I do all the screwing/unscrewing myself, lol. As for a cleaning kit, no information here I'm afraid. I was never given a cleaning kit with my purchases.
  7. Don't worry about scratches....after a while the love actually looks great with the natural patina it develops from regular wear and any scratches are really not that noticeable. Regarding the kit, when me and my hubby purchased my love we actually didn't get a cleaning or a travel kit. When we purchased my JUC and wedding bands for our anniversary the SA gave us a cleaning kit and travel kits (she even gave us an extra one for my love since we didn't get one the first time). None of my pieces from Cartier have diamonds. The SA did say that sometimes they run out of these kits so it may just have been that they ran out of kits. Hope you enjoy this beautiful gift from your DH ...very special
  8. Thanks all! I'll post a pic once I get my love on!
  9. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467839271.938863.jpg
    My new love.
  10. This is a size 17. I never tried on the 16. I know people say they should be tighter, but this seems fine, right? I'm not sure why I am even asking bec it's not like I can exchange it. I got a few days ago from the UK but live in the states. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467839857.895631.jpg
  11. Beautiful! Congratulations :smile: such a special bracelet
  12. I think it looks perfect on you. Congrats on your beautiful love!
  13. I too think it looks perfect! Congrats and enjoy!
  14. Id rather bigger than smaller esp in the summertime. It looks great

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  15. Size looks perfect!