Just Received Paypal Refund...confused.

  1. I just got an email from paypal saying they had concluded an investigation of my case dated from last October. I did buy something that was not what I ordered but ended up keeping it anyway. I never filed anything with paypal and now the payment has been reversed and they credited my credit card for the full amount. Very strange. I checked with my paypal account and it is reflected there too. Can this be some kind of a bizarre scam? I checked into the seller and they are no longer up on eBay...maybe they were shut down because of complaints and they have to refund everyone? Anyone experience anything like this? What should I be doing?
  2. It was back in Oct. Maybe its just something you don't remember doing. I haven't heard of any scams about money being put into the account.
  3. Have you contacted PayPal to find out what it's about?
  4. Have not contacted them yet. The only thing I can think of is that maybe this seller had legal action taken against them...they are no longer a registered user. I checked my past disputes on paypal and don't see it. I do remember contacting the buyer having recieved the wrong item. They asked me to send it back and I ended up keeping it...and letting them know so I am confused.
  5. I've not heard of anything like this before and think you should definitely check it out with Paypal directly asap.
  6. wow - honestly, that sounds so funny - I would contact paypal and find out, although it may mean that you will lose the money.. but better to lose it than to owe it at some point....

    but still, nice surprise, I wish this would happen to me... I am fighting to get my money back!
  7. Well, apparently I did file and then closed a claim back in October. I guess I forgot. Paypal says the seller did not respond to the claim in time so they returned the money. The seller is now no where to be found. My account also shows that I had closed the dispute in October but maybe the seller never did whatever they were supposed to do and now they are out of business. They did not add funds to my account but issued a credit on my c.c.
  8. Keep schtum now... :graucho:
  9. Sorry...I have no idea what you mean.
  10. I totally agree, schtum means quiet lol, *whispers* shhhhhh
  11. Thanks...quite new to all the lingo
  12. ^^ I think it might be because this is UK lingo! I am not sure 'schtum' necessarily travels . . .
  13. Apologies for the confusion :rolleyes:
  14. lol, totally off topic, but "stumm" (prounounced: schtum) actually is the German word for "quiet!" :p
  15. ^ just wanted to post the same, hahaha

    funny this as usually this is the other way round.... ever come across schadenfreude oder weltanschauung - just so funny to read this in middle of an english text...

    sorry back to topic:
    it is really odd that they only refund you now..... when I had my SNAD claim and the seller did not respond I got the funds back straightaway....

    I just hope that they will refund me in the same manner with my current item not received claim.. 6 months is a long time to wait..

    but good for you that you got your money back, and even better that you didn't expect these funds! enjoy spending :graucho: