Just Received my Tomatoe Red Blake Please look at Pics!

  1. Soo, I asked the Gals in the Authentication forum before I purchased it off eBay. I'm pretty damn sure it is real! The only real concern of mine is how the handles look on the Blake compared to the Venetia. Is this correct?

    I love the color. the leather looks to be of a bit of a different grain however.

    Oh, and on the tags, the MJ tag says it is spelled "tomatoe" and then on the other MJ tag (the one that is cut off) says "Tomato"

    Here are the pics:
    P1010013.jpg P1010009.JPG P1010002.JPG P1010002_2.JPG P1010008.JPG
  2. the handles look a bit long to me :S but maybe its just the pic *im no expert* but i absolutely love the colour :heart: Hope its real :smile:
  3. the leather looks really shiny...maybe it is just the flash?
  4. Yes, a couple of the pics have flash. The first one where I'm carrying it on my shoulder is without flash
  5. VERY pretty! I love the color!
  6. I love red bags! :love: Can you post pictures of the underside of the zippers?

  7. Hi! I attached a pic of the underside of one zipper and the side view of the other zipper. I also included the picture of the tags that came with it, aside from the one on the bag. Are these the real deal?

    thank you!:p
    P1010002_3.JPG P1010004_3.JPG
  8. I'm sorry I guess I wasn't specific. I need a picture of the underside of the zipper heads. I have attached an example of one from eBay (seller Georgidmitrievich).
    Zipper Head.jpg
  9. Is the hardware brushed or shiny? Also, does that tag with the black thread have a sticker on top of the tag that tells the style number and color?
  10. LOL! I'm retarded...I have attached two pics!!! (one with flash and one without!)

    P1010002_4.JPG P1010001_5.JPG
  11. The hardware is shiny and bright and the tag with the string has a sticker on it that says "C343007" followed underneath by "30202" then "Tomato" then 1SZ and finally a barcode...i posted I pic above of a close up of the tag!

  12. I looked at that, and I've asked her to help me out with mine already! Thanks for looking out for me!
  13. Emmy has this bag, she can help too. Blakes have straps sewn differently than the other MJ bags, I realized this a long time ago, so the photo of the black Venetia and the blake isn't really a good comparison. Also, the long thin tag does indeed have a sticker on it, and MJ boutiques use those type of tags in their stores. Not sure if the Tomato and Tomatoe was a mistake or not, but I've seen other Tomatoe bags with tags that say Tomatoe(with the e).
  14. :yahoo: IT'S A KEEPER!!!! I just pulled out my baby and checked the tags...They are EXACT.....and I never noticed but on the long skinny tag the color is spelled 'tomato' and on the square fatter tag it is spelled 'tomatoe'..What a trip!!! Yes the handles are different..Your pics match mine!!! I am so happy for you!!! I absolutely LOVE this bag...!! I'm so glad you got it...I hope you love it as much as I do...YEAH!! We're bag twins!!! Enjoy!!! :heart: Emmy