Just received my pre-loved Capucines, but...

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  1. Hi all! I have been lusting over the Capucines MM bag, and I was able to find my HG in excellent condition. I just received it today, and at first look I was in love. Then I noticed the top of the handle and the imperfections.

    I went back to the seller site and looked back through their pictures, but did not see any damage on the handle. I already emailed the vendor, and I don't anticipate any issues if I choose to return it.

    Since I don't know much about this line, my DH suggested I post the pics here to find out if this is normal wear and tear. Or, if there are any fixes.

    The fist pic is from the vendor and the last 4 are from me. I don't think I am being too anal, but would love some advice.

    Thanks all!

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  2. No, I do see what you mean. Was it a good enough deal to have the handle glazing re-done at Boutique?
  3. I also don't see any of that wear and tear in the first picture, it's quite visible though in the photos that you've taken. I don't know too much about this line and if this would be classified as normal wear and tear, I still think you'd be able to find one with the handle in better condition than that though.

    I don't think you're being to anal at all, if it was me I think I'd return it and try and find one with a better handle. The handle on this bag is very obvious so I think it would bother me, the only thing is I don't know how hard it is to find one of these bags in this colour. If they're hard to get I would *consider* keeping it for the right price, if not I'd return it.
  4. I would probably take to boutique ask about the possibility of repair.
  5. I can see where the glazing looks a bit damaged, with a few small dents here and there, even if there is no cracking. Does it feels sticky? Is the rest of the bag in great condition? Remember the handle in this particular bag will get lot of wear and stress as being an heavy bag you are going to hold it in your hand, elbow and shoulder. I also understand you are in love with this color as it is incredible IRL. Personally I would quickly take it at a boutique near you and ask their opinion and how much it would be to reglaze the handle, it may be worth it, otherwise I would return it thinking of the future additional wear and tear that would compromise the integrity of the handle.
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  6. I think this relates to the glazing issue LV has with other bags as well - the glazing was too soft, resulting in it being easily damaged/deformed. Since then they have changed the glazing. I read about this through one of the threads here (can't remember which one, sorry!) But it is worth taking it to the boutique to see whether they can re-glaze it and how much it will cost you.

    BTW, LOVE the color of your capucine!
  7. You have to zoom right in, but they are there. I can see two marks on the original picture. IMO, it really depends on whether or not the bag was a good deal. For me, if it was I wouldn't worry about it as I'm sure I would put a few scratches on it with use. Maybe ask the seller for a partial recund, just enough to cover a repair.
  8. It is a glazing issue I would return it to the seller ...good luck
  9. +1
  10. Hi! Love your new Capucines!

    I've had this issue with my LV Dauphine wallet which is from the same leather line as the Capucines and other bags from LV and is constructed from the same materials...including the edge coating

    I put the wallet away for a while in its dustbag. I put it standing up leaning against the side of the shelf...fast forward a few weeks...I take the wallet out again for use. I was taking a look at it and notice that the edge coating on the bottom had these marks imprinted that looked like a weaving texture the exact same as yours. Turns out...the dustbag imprinted these marks on the glazing because of its softness!! I was shocked and had no idea what to do. But as I started using my wallet, the imprints sort of rubbed away and is barely noticeable since the edge coating is so soft. The edge coating has a clay-like consistency and does feel sorta sticky.
  11. It's definitely the glazing issue. It looks like it came from a warm climate? The color is beautiful though. If you are close to a boutique, it might be worth taking it in for an estimate to have it reglazed if you got a good price on the bag initially. Otherwise, I would return to seller. I have a newer Capucine and the glazing has been changed. Good luck!
  12. That could have happened in transit. A friend of mine bought a gorgeous empreinte speedy that was in perfect condition coming from Japan. The glaze on the handles actually slightly melted and had dustbag imprint and residue on them. I think transit in the summer months could be a cause. I agree with the other posters checking to see price on reglaze.
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  13. I agree that it's a glazing issue- and since it's your HG- I'd do as other members have suggested and take it in to LV to get a quote for a repair. Who knows? They may fix it for free since it's a known issue. I would do it quickly though in case you have a short return period. If LV does charge you- I'd email the seller to request a partial refund. But, it really boils down to how good of a deal you got, how hard it was to find the bag, etc. It might be worth it to pay for the repair yourself- if the seller won't refund you anything. I would definitely get it repaired if I kept it, you don't want to worry about the glazing melting in hot weather or just sitting in your closet and ruining your things.
  14. Those flaws would bother me for such a beautiful high end bag......I'm not sure I'd want to pay for repairs .....there are a few on Yoogis Closet in like new condition you can check out..
  15. I agree with all the glazing issues. I have a noir one with pink interior and my dustbag imprinted on my handle. I take good care of my bags but some of my empriente ones were worse. I took it took the boutique and they reglazed mines for free. I would take it to a boutique. Its too beautiful to return. Some colors are seasonal as well. I have the noir one with the pink interior. Love it! Very classy!