Just received my Petrol Spy!

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  1. Just got my spy delivered from Bergdorfs.. Lovin it:love:
    DSC00911.JPG DSC00913.JPG
  2. :smile: :heart: :heart: wooooooooooooooooooow ... Gorgoues .. i adore it...

    Congrats .. u were soo lucky to get ur hand on one ... *hug* Enjoy:smile:

    Note: her sis here says hi :roflmfao:
  3. its a beauty! congrats! now i wish i had gotten both the chocolate and this one!
  4. Woooowww!!! That is STUNNING!
    I think i'm in looove! :love: You're so lucky!
  5. acegirl, congrats! it's really gorgeous!
  6. O! M! G!:amazed: IT IS STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:love: LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Girl, you are ON FIRE!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Thanks Girls! (& thanks again MPark;) )

    LV Addict- You & I would be SO scary shopping together:lol:
  8. congratulations, its a stunning colour, enjoy using it!
  9. CAN YOU IMAGINE?!:shocked: :lol:
  10. Gorgeous! Congrats
  11. OH You Lucky Girl!!!!! *faints* it's gorgeous... lol... my wish is to have a petrol spy as pretty as yours someday ;)
  12. Gorgeous! love that color!
  13. Congrats!!!

    Ha ha. I just received my honey spy today too :yes:
  14. Congrats! :heart: that color.
  15. Congrats!!! Its a great buy.
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