Just received my Papillon 30 today!

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  1. But I'm confused... is the Pap 30 this small? I thought it was bigger.
    It measures 12 inches long and 6 inches tall and the straps are 6.5 high from the top of the bag.

    I got it authenticated before I bought it here, but there is no datecode or stamp... Might have rubbed off since it's really really old?
    Here are some pictures, maybe you can help me.
    The mini pap came broken (I knew this) but I'm wondering if it is fixable:



  2. Congrats to you. The Papillon 30 was my first LV.

    I'm pretty sure the mini pap can be fixed but not sure if it is worth it to you. I remember getting the zipper fixed on the cles and I think I paid like $60 or something like that.
  3. I replied to you in the Authenticate This LV thread
  4. Hi! yes that is the right size for the Pap 30. The opening may seem small to begin with but you will get use to it.

    Have you tried putting one strap through the other so that you can sling it over your shoulder like this.............

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  5. o0o You are a smart lady =)
    I'll definitely try that! Haha, in the pictures yours looks a lot bigger!!
  6. Congrats, the patina is awesome!
  7. oldiess !!
  8. Nice buy.
  9. Was $150 a good deal? That's how much I got it for...
  10. Congrats!