Just received my MIUMIU bow satchel, BUT.....

  1. I ordered from a Saks store by phone, I was very exciting about it, it's very cute, I love it, but.....the strap is missing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gonna call Saks tomorrow, hoping they just forgot to put it in the package...:crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:
  2. Aww that sucks! what size did you order and what color? I hope they ship it asap
  3. aww, sorry to hear that! Hope it gets resolved quickly!
  4. are you sure they didn't send you the bow satchel that doesn't come with a strap? - in which case it wouldn't have the hardware to affix the strap onto...
  5. Mine is the smaller bow satchel and it definitely has a strap. I'd call them and see if it is their mistake and get them to post it out to you. The long strap is so useful!
  6. OMG - that happened to me as well and I returned it. What color was yours - I hope it wasn't the one I returned!
  7. It's the small one in off-white color.
    Tried to call the SA for two days, couldn't reach her so far, will try tomorrow. :sad:
  8. it's off-white. I remembered you got a tan one, right?
    I love the tan color better than off-white, it's just impossible to get one now.
  9. Right - mine was the Sughero - the tan one. It was so gorgeous but they could never find me the strap and now they are all gone. Miu Miu needs to be a little more attentive to their quality control it seems!
  10. I finally talked to the SA I purchased the bag from, she said her manager is trying to contact the people who returned it. They will call me back next week...:crybaby: