Just received my March Japanese Vogue

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  1. Oh my goodness..where do I begin? They are showing a new perforated speedy which looks super cute..they also are showing a blue two tone b-bag..cute...new paddy colors..I wish I could scan the whole book so you all can see..it has tons of new bags from all of the desiners we know and love..I thought I was doen buying for a while but I was so wrong....:shame: :lol: :love:
  2. can u scan a pix of the perforated speedy?
  3. And the blue two-tone b-bag too... You're talking about Balenciaga, not Fendi b-bag right?
  4. i would love to see pics of this perforated speedy.........i'd contacted LV about a perforated little like boxy bag they'd had in their runway show and they said they weren't producing it so i'd love to see this one......
    here's a shot of the only perforated bag i've seen thus far.........
  5. I'll try to scan..and yes I meant balenciaga:biggrin:
  6. Double yay! :nuts:
  7. OMG the dots/holes look hot pink don't they? I love that! Wonder if the inside is also hot pink instead of terra cotta? I would love to see if they were going to make this in larger bags or even a kobla type wallet.
  8. Sounds like it'll look really cute on a speedy. But with those holes... will rain water get into it then? :blink:
  9. that's exactly what i was thinking :nuts:....would be funny to have a $1000 bag that drips......
  10. okay this is the best I could do..I am so not a techie..:sad2: bbag.jpg

    sorry you can't see the perforations so good...well I guess you can see it pretty good if you click on it.
  11. Can you also take photos of the entire page? I want to see the other bags too. Hee hee...

    The two tone b-bag looks really cute. Looks like it's made of denim? But I don't know about the perforated speedy.... It might look better IRL.
  12. the perforated speedy doesn't seem to have the two-tone effect that the photo i posted does.....definitely something i'd hafta see in person before making a decision on it......

    does the Japanes Vogue say how much the bags are?
  13. I don't know how to make the whole page small enough..if someone knows how to do it.. I can send them the pics in e-mail and they can resize it.:wacko:
  14. 176400 yen for the LV and 179550 for the balenciaga
  15. You can email it to Vlad and he'll glady do it for you.

    And that's ALOT of yen!!
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